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Hey everyone!

Because the main focus on my blog is make up and beauty, plus I blog everyday, PLUS I am still on a make up spending ban, it's hard to come up with new content every time. There are certain things you can repeat after a while, but you want to be creative and come up with new and exciting things every day. At least I do. 

Apart from all the kind of posts you already know, like hauls, wish lists, top 5's, monthly favourites and make up storage posts, which kind of posts didn't you already do on your blog? If you just don't know anymore, here are 10 tips that might help you.

1. Take a trip down memory lane

This can be in 1 post, or like I'm doing, spreading it over different posts in a series of posts. That way you can tell your audience what you used for the first time and if you still use that product today.

2. Calculate how much your face is worth

I don't read this kind of post very often, still I find it so very interesting to know how much people spend on one face look. I did one at the beginning of this month so if you'd like to check it out, click here!

3. Start a make up series

I started my eyeshadow shade series, where every week I gather all the same colours together, list them, swatch them and give a little review about them, or tell my readers how I use the product.

4. Try to find drugstore dupes for high end products

This can be within your current make up collection, without having to buy new things. Which products do you think are quite similar? Which drugstore product do you think tops the high end version you own?

5. Show your audience your make up routine

This can be anything. Your daily make up routine, your make up routine for a night out, when you go to the gym, for a special occasion, seasonal looks... This can be through video, photos of your face, photos of just the products... Anything that you are comfortable with.

6. Tips and tricks

Do you have any tips you use in the bathroom while doing your make up or skin care, that would make the life of everyone much easier? Do you think no one has ever talked about this, but you do it everyday? (Like using a certain product as a hair/face mask, body scrub etc.) Share your secrets!

7. Do a brand focus of your favourite drugstore/high end brand

E.g. show all the products you own from a certain brand, or even do a look with only products from that brand! I did a complete eye make up look with all Mac products last month.

8. Switch the "favourites" up to Repurchases, Disappointing Products or Empties

A lot of people already seem to do this, but if you are just starting out and haven't seen them around very often, this is a nice way the change it up a bit.

9. Do a make up look inspired by... (insert famous person)

I'm sure there is someone you adore the look of! This can be an actress, a model, a singer, a cartoon figure, a disney princess, anything! You can highlight the products you would use to recreate this look, or even make a video tutorial on it!

10. Do a make up tag post/video

Of course there are still plenty of tag posts and videos you can do surrounding make up and beauty. There is the 3 min. make up challenge, the no mirror make up challenge, the $20/£20/€20 make up challenge, the Would You Rather: beauty tag, the Starting Over tag and plenty of others to choose from! I'm sure there are some you didn't already do on your blog. 

And if you do, there's nothing wrong with an updated What's in my (make up) bag, a 5 product face, Monthly favourites, Repurchases and Empties posts... They always keep scoring on a lot of blogs, so don't be afraid to update them from time to time!

I really tried to search for tips that aren't used in every other ideas-post. Usually everyone lists everything I've already done in these few 5 months and I'm like "yeah, yeah, okay, I know that one, I already did that one 5 times..." I hope these tips genuinely helped you to get some inspiration if you are ever stuck with the ideas. 

Sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone. I occasionally try to do a video - although it's been a while now! - and I always set their visibility so that only people who are on my blog can watch them. But it's challenging to do such things and experiment with it. This will create lots of options to do blog posts about in the future. Don't stick with what you already know. Try something different!

Happy monday to you all!

Lots of love,

Charline Has a Blog

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