10 things that make me happy


Hey everybody!
How is everyone doing?
Are you okay? I genuinely would like to know, because you all make me so very happy and I very much appreciate every single comment that has been given on my channel so far. So tell me what you have been up to today down in the comments!

I'd love to share a little piece of me as well. Because I want you guys to feel connected and get you to know me a little bit better along the way.

These are 10 things that make me happy.

1. the 10 cupcakes on the picture above...

KIDDING! (I am SO funny.)
But seriously:

1. Funny people
I love having people around that are not afraid to joke around. I love ironic jokes, I am guilty of it myself, but I love someone who is not afraid to tell you the truth, without being rude, so when you joke about it for a bit, the message is received and no hard feelings. People who can deal with my ironic jokes and can make them back too, those ones I love the most. 

2. Sweet things
... and by that I mean sugary things. All things chocolate, all the patisserie in the world. Give it to me and I am a very happy girl.

3. Good design
I love all things that are designed very well and beautifully. Whether it's interior design, a design object, classic design furniture, designer bags, graphic design, jewelry design... Everything that is very well thought trough. Whenever I look at a picture of a room full of Scandinavian design, gosh it makes me so happy.

4. American sitcoms
Preferably Friends and The Big Bang Theory.
Whenever I feel a bit sad or I need to get my mind off for a second, I just watch a 20 minute episode of either of these two and I'm in a good mood in no time.

5. My friends
Self-explanatory. I always feel better when I'm with my friends. We always have the best laughs about nothing.

6. Shopping
Being in the city and walking around in the shops is so therapeutic for me. That's why I would love to move to the city one day. I like being around stuff - material girl!

7. Touch new make up for the first time
How satisfactory it is to put your finger into the cream eyeshadow pot for the first time, giving the first swipe with a new lipstick onto your lips, dabbing a fresh brush onto your skin... Happiness lies in the little things.

8. Going to live concerts
...including festivals. I love seeing my favourite artists in real live and hear them play their music in real time right in front of me. That's why I never get drunk on festivals: I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy the music. I focus on the live music 100% Whenever I'm going to a concert. They are the best memories and it would be such a shame if I forgot about it because I was to drunk that time. Big no-no. Just YES for the music. It gives me so much joy.

9. Scented candles
No explanation needed. Just. Scented. Candles.

10. YOU!
Ah, to end it on a cliché note. You, lovely readers, make me he happiest person in the world. I really like receiving e-mails saying someone commented on one of my posts. Big love for you <3

Thanks for reading! Hope to hear about your day/week down in the comments. Also, what makes you happy?

Lots of love,

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