1/2 Spending Ban: update


Remember guys?

I am on a spending ban for all make up things.
That means I'm trying to not buy any make up for 100 days, forcing me to blog about all the thing I already own and be creative with it, whilst saving up some money before I run out of it.

50 days have passed and I wanted to give you a little update on how I'm doing.

So I have been shopping with my mom a little bit, which made it tempting not to buy anything. I managed to not spend any money on make up at all, BUT...

My mom was feeling generous and said I could pick some things out and she would pay for it. I'm so grateful for that, so I kind of cheated by picking out a few make up items.

First of all I picked up the Maxfactor Cream Puff Blush in Alluring Rose. I was lusting after this one so much! I'm going to do a full review on this soon so stay tuned!

I also went to the Benefit counter so I will do a mini Benefit Haul as well. I bought a Chanel cream eyeshadow too and two Clinique chubby stick lipsticks. Okay I might have gone overboard but I took advantage of my mom feeling generous! :D

SO technically I'm still going strong with the spending ban - since I've not spent any of my own money on make up stuff. I can't believe how hard it is, really. I didn't know I became THIS obsessed with buying make up...

We're halfway now so I really have to be strong. But as all my deadlines are getting pretty close, I don't think I would have the time to go into town and lust after all the make up in the shops, so that's a good thing ;-)

Lots of love,

PS: I changed my comment section to Disqus, so I kind of lost all my previous comments on my blog posts (it can't import previous Blogger comments, apparently) so yeah, haha, that's that.
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