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Hey everyone!

So, I've been trying to figure the whole photography thing out to keep improving the photos on my blog, with the little equipment I have.

Sometimes I am really proud about my photography though, and some of you even told me it looked great! You can't imagine how that makes me feel, I'm so happy I'm improving my skills!

That's why I wanted to show you the really simple photography set-up in my room.

Contradictory as it can be, these photos are not the best, because I shot them with my iPod Touch, as the fancy camera is in the shot!

As you might have seen in my Room Tour post, I have got this spot on my shelve where I put some books and stuff, but I take all of that away to take my blog photos. It's the only place close to a window with a white surface. The natural light can be great for photos because, well, it' looks natural, but sometimes I really struggle with it. Here in Belgium, the weather can be really tricky. One minute the sun is shining, the next it's grey and raining outside. I try to cancel some shadows out with a white carton that has a bit of a reflective surface. I used it to lasercut some things out to make a scale model, but I can use the rest of it for my photos!

I wish I had one of those fancy lights to use for my blog photos, but hey, I think I'm already getting a long way without them.

I've been trying to get to know my camera better. I always use the viewfinder to see if my photos are framed okay and if the lighting is alright. That way I can see in advance if the photo is going to turn out too light or too dark and adjust the settings when needed. I use the Canon Eos 600D with a EF 28mm lens.

Always make sure to have some scotch tape nearby so rounded products don't roll away!

And like I told you: nothing fancy! Not even a tripod. Maybe I should consider it though... But this is how I take my photos at the moment!

Hope that was a fun little insight to my photography set-up (I mean you can hardly call it a set-up). I encourage you to share yours! Help starting bloggers get an insight in how to achieve high quality photos!

Lots of love,

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