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Hey everybody!

I saw this post/video a while ago on Lily Pebbles' blog.
I thought I would do one myself so I can share my annoyance with you guys.
Don't get me wrong, not all aspects of the packagings I'm about to show you are bad! There are just a few pet peeves I've got with some of these products... Read on to see what I mean, before you gasp and think I'm being ridiculous :)

- l'Oreal Super Liner Ultra Precision
I do really like the gold and slick packaging, but where I bought it, it was covered in tape and a lot of the paint came off around the edges, as you can see in the picture above. Such a shame because I really liked it...

- Collection Lasting Perfection concealer
The tube itself is very convenient and nothing unnecessary about it. But the lettering on the outside always seems to come off! I really hate it, not so much because I like it to be on, but it always goes off in my make up bag, leaving filthy black residue on all my other stuff. It even made an imprint on my make up sponge, just because it was sitting next to it. I always try to rub off as much as I can when I buy a new one, before it comes off elsewhere. 

- Rimmel Kate ScandalEyes mascara
I really like the look of this packaging. I love reflective things and the Kate-signature on it is just so beautiful. What I don't like about this is that it is so bulky and takes up so much space in my drawers! I would have loved it even more if it was a bit slicker so it could fit in smaller spaces better.

- Mac Haute & Naughty Lash mascara
This is actually one I don't find attractive or beautiful at all. It doesn't look sophisticated enough to be a Mac product, in my opinion. I love all the Mac packagings, but this one looks so cheap with the bright pink and the glitters. It almost looks like a cheap Barbie-toy. No-go for me, Mac. I only bought this because there is a brown mascara on the inside. I don't even give a glimpse to the Mac mascaras in the shops, just because of the ugly packaging. I really think they need a re-vamp.

- l'Oréal Color Riche eyeshadows
Now these ones I really don't get. They are very tiny and the gold packaging looks stunning, and I really love that they are see-through. I really like the 3D product itself too, they come in these lovely textures. What I don't like is the stupid black sticker in the front, that doesn't even say the actual colour, but just the 'range' and the colour code. Then in the back they say the actual name of the colour, but it's sooooo teeny tiny that I really had to search for it. I saw that they had other names when I was browsing their website, otherwise I wouldn't have known they they aren't just called "smoky" and "pop". If they put all these names just a bit bigger on the sticker on the back, the sticker in the front wouldn't be necessary. That would make the gold frame way more beautiful.

- Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows
Now I really like the glass packaging, okay. And I like that you can see the actual product when you put it upside down. But the packaging here in Europe doesn't seem to be as beautiful as I've seen in videos from UK and US bloggers. Over there, the lettering is printed on the black lid, so it's just a black lid with white letters on it (I'm not 100% sure, I've seen posts where there was a black sticker on them, but at least it was a nice looking sticker!). I very much prefer that one. I don't really get why here in Belgium I have to put up with this ugly sticker that they try to give the colour of the product inside, but isn't really accurate. I tried to pull the sticker off once, to see if maybe that beautiful white lettering is underneath, but no. I need to leave this on to see the name of the colour. Also that stupid barcode in the middle, it just looks so silly. Please give us the original UK packaging, thank you very much.

- Park Avenue Loose eyeshadow pigments
Now these are brilliant products, let me tell you. But the packaging is something I struggle with every time I use these. First of all, the inside is round but the outside is square. I mean, why? I want my lid to be right on top, but if I want to close it really good, the corners of the lid would be on the sides of the pot, which makes it not fit on each other. Therefore, the pot is not 100% closed when I put them on each other like every OCD person does. This makes me spill it all over on the inside. I really want to put these upside down so I can see the pigments through the plastic cases, but if I dare to do this, I spill half of the product when I open it. I always have to put it on a paper towel so there's no mess on my table, and I lose a lot of product every time I use it because of that. Why? Just make your lids the right way to it actually closes the whole pot.

Obviously, these are not the worst packagings ever, but there are just some things about them that seem to annoy me. Do you ever struggle with this kind of stuff? Let me know what your less loved packaging of all times is!

Lots of love,

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