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Hey dudettes!

I wanted to share an Instagram post that I posted two months ago. I realised this is still the only thing I apply to my face when I go to my yoga class.

This is a quick minimal make up routine that is great for working out!

Whenever I go to yoga class and I've not been outside all day, I do think I need to apply some make up to my face. I have some blemishes and redness that I really don't want anyone to see. For this, all I need is the l'Oréal Infallible 24H Matte foundation and the Maybelline Fit Me! concealer. These two are my new dream team. They stay put on my face while I work out and they don't move around when I sweat. (I know, attractive right?)

However, they take away all dimension of my face, so I need to pop some colour back on there. For this I use my Mac Melba blush. 

And that is literally it! This is also what I put on if I have to go out to get some groceries or whatever. Just so I look half decent to be seen in public. Sometimes I will apply some mascara too, if there's a possibility I will run into someone I know. But other than that, this is basically it! 5 minute make up, so easy and natural.

What are your minimal make up essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

PS: I did a guest post thing over on the Voucher Codes Pro blog, they made an A-Z Beauty Glossary (I did the letter S) have a look!

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  1. I've really gotten into BB creams just recently - still not tried a tinted moisturiser properly but they're basically the same thing aren't they? Anyway, I really like using a BB cream with concealer on my blemishes just to even out my skintone, but it feels lighter on my skin than a foundation - ideal for exercise or running errands!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  2. I couldn't go without mascara! I'd even forfeit blush to wear mascara so that I look more awake! xx

  3. I have never tried a BB, CC, DD or tinted moisturizer before! Because A) I know I need the coverage and B) I still don't get what they mean :D:D

  4. I don't always find that necessary when I go to yoga class ;) I do when I go out the house to the shop or anything, when I'm actually going to meet people I actually know ;)

  5. BB is blemish balm, CC is colour correct, and DD is (apparently) Dynamic Do-All (hahaha oh dear). Estee Lauder even do an EE cream but I can't be bothered looking up what that means haha. I treat them all as tinted moisturisers anyway. I never thought I would be able to get away with one but then I realised I could! Give one a try, you'll be surprised.