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Hey everyone!

Today is Fiona's turn. She runs the blog North East Nerd and I got in touch with her a few weeks ago. She was looking for fellow bloggers to post on her blog - kind of what I'm doing here - while she is going away in August. Something tells me she is quite organized with her blog. I wrote three posts for her and I will let you know via twitter (@charline_st) when those go up.

Fiona is a lovely human being and she blogs about nearly everything. She chose more of a 'informational' quote to go along with this post and she gives us some tips down below.

Enjoy and go check out Fiona's blog!

Fiona's own edit

"If you wait for inspiration to write; you're not a writer, you're a waiter" - Dan Poynter

When I first started blogging I didn't see myself as a writer, in fact even now I don't really see myself as one. But that's what we do when we blog - we write. I've been in the position, as I'm sure we all have, when the words just won't come together, like every idea for a post is the worst idea in the world. I did a short class in writing earlier this year and the most inspirational thing I took from that was to not wait for inspiration to write, write until you feel inspired. 

I look at my blog as a range of good posts, and some really not so great ones. That's because, even when I'm sick of my blogs content, I just sit and write about something. Recently, some of my bad posts have been about apps I didn't enjoy (because it's great to have a little moan, I always seem more passionate when complaining), looking at voice actors and a tag post I wasn't even tagged in! I find if you just write through the bad stuff you'll eventually find what you like to write about and be inspired again. The best thing is - you don't even have to post the bad ones, save them as a draft then delete them later.

Things to write about to get you started:
  • A Day in the Life of: document your day in photographs and give us an insight in to your life.
  • Review something: a book you just read, a film you watched, your favourite TV show. Even if you hate writing reviews, just write gibberish until you're kind of happy.
  • Bucket Lists: where do you want to go? What do you want to get up to for the rest of the year? Or do reverse bucket lists about what you've accomplished or done already.
  • Share something: my favourite post is when I share a song I'm obsessed with. You don't even have to write much or give opinion, you're just like - this is awesome, listen.
  • Journal: write about your day, thoughts, people you met. Even if no one ever reads what you write it can be great to just write about what is happening to get back in the swing of it.
  • Write fiction: play the what-if game and write down what could happen. Even if you don't like your writing, it can be fun to lose yourself in a make believe world. What if there was a zombie apocalypse? What if you were at work and the Queen was there? What if you could speak to animals? The sky is the limit.

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