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Hey everyone!

It's been over a month since I decided to give certain products in my collection more attention than others because I keep buying new stuff and I always forget about the good stuff I always used before.
Today I wanted to give you an update on my Project: pan that product

Start: April 12th 

Update: May 21st

As you can see, not much has changed. I did make a bigger dent into the Maybelline Color Tattoos since I've been using a lot of cream eyeshadows lately, especially the Creamy Beige one. The Pink Gold Color Tattoo I've been combining with the l'Oréal Color Riche in Escape In Bordeaux but as you know, powder eyeshadows don't pan that quickly. 

My The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer is crumbling up even further as you can see on the pictures. I tried to push it back into the tin but it doesn't really do much. Everytime I use it, I lose twice as much product because it dusts away so easily. I have been eraching for it a lot though.

My Benefit box-o-powders are gettting along really well. You can't really tell in the picture but my Hoola bronzer has progressed a lot. The Dandelion blush has a bigger dent in it and I finally made a dent into the Sugarbomb blush too (which again you can't really see on the pic). I've been using these non stop and they still are my favourite blushes. It's just that I've been eyeing on some new ones so I really want to move over with this ones to make room in my stash. I might repurchase them in the future though, I don't think I could love without them.

The Clinique Even Better foundation is barely progressing. At the moment it's too dark for me and I keep reaching for my latest l'Oréal Infallible 24H Matte foundation. I have used it once or twice since the start of this project. I might use it again when I'm a bit tanned.

As for the mascaras: The Rimmel Kate ScandalEyes Emerald mascara is drying up quite badly so I may not include this one anymore in my next update. I can barely use it anymore because it's so dried up.

Last but not least is the Maybelline LashSensational mascara. I included this one because I didn't really like it but I wanted to use it up so it didn't go to waste without getting use out if it, but I'm actually starting to like it. I am getting along with it and I know how to use it to make my lashes look separated and not clumped together and how to not poke myself in the eye with the plastic wand. I'm really impressed with how a product can still prove you wrong after a while.

So that's it for this update, I will report back in a month or so!

Lots of love,

PS: I did a guest post thing over on the Voucher Codes Pro blog, they made an A-Z Beauty Glossary (I did the letter S) have a look!

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