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So, I really love trying out new products, but whenever I found something that's I really like, I want to stick to it. These are a few products that I've repurchased (some even a few times) because I like them so much!

- Rituals Caring Hand Balm - Ginkgo's Secret
This hand balm is so very nourishing and is not sticky at all. I use it all the time and there is so much product in it, yet it's the perfect size to fit in my hand bag. I love the smell soo much as well.

- Benefit Sugarbomb blush
This is one of the first blushes I ever used in my life and I used to put this on my cheeks all the time. This is my third box ever since. It goes such a long way but I repurchase it every time, just because it suits me so much.

This is my all time favourite mascara and I repurchase it every time I run out of it. This is probably my fourth one since I started using it 2 years or so ago. It's just the perfect one to give my lashed volume and length and it stays on all day. I really like the shape of the bristle and the formula is just amazing.

- Sephora Mineral Powder brush
Believe it or not but I used this brush so much that the hairs on this brush were completely ruined after 2 years! I think I used to press it too much to my skin. I repurchased this one last summer because I liked it so much.

This powder is my savior! I It keeps my oily skin matte all day and it's so affordable too. I think this is my third one already. I can use it for a year or so, that's how little you need every day and how long it lasts you.

- Clinique Super Primer
I got a sample of this last year somewhere and I fell in love with this immediately. I bought the full size a few months ago. I really like the consistency, it's not mattifying but it feels like a hydrating cream and gives you the most beautiful finish.

- Lush Cupcake face mask
I bought two of these after one another. It's a fresh chocolate face mask and I always have to rush to empty it before it goes bad, but I like the feeling of this on my skin so much and it really clears my skin well. It smells amazing too and it's so cooling when you put it on, because you have to keep this one in the fridge.

- Rituals Exfoliating Body Scrub - Wai Wang
I can't remember when I didn't use this body scrub. It's so gently but so effective. It had tiny particles in it and is so good for my body. The smell of this range is also probably my favourite one out of all ranges from Rituals.

What is something you always repurchase when you run out of it? Let me know down below!

Lots of love,

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