What I'm listening to: #5 May


Shannon Saunders - LO-FI

...because Shannon is my woman crush and she is so amazing... She released this song last month and I can't stop listening to it.

Hooverphonic - Renaissance Affair (live with orchestra)

...because they are a Belgian band which I never really listened to, but recently I have been listening to all the time. Their latest album is really good. Unfortunately the singer quit last month, after 5 years. Hooverphonic has been through 5 singers in their career already. I'm so curious about who's going to be next (I volunteer!) This is an old song, but revamped with orchestra. SO nice to listen to, the tune of the violins is stuck in my head all day every day.

Ben Howard - All Is Now Harmed

...because as you may or may not know, he is my favourite. Last month was the month of the band-break-ups, just like Hooverphonic's singer and the fuss around 1D's Zayn Malik, also 2 members of Ben's band (Chris & Bear Bond) announced they will not be joining Ben Howard on stage for a while. I really hope they will come back soon, they are a necessity on Ben's team and I was really down about it... They are such versatile musicians. This is one of my favourite songs on Ben's latest album.

Bastille vs. HAIM - Bite Down

...because Bastille is coming to Belgium again this summer at Pukkelpop Festival. A summer without Bastille is no summer at all. I have been listening to VS. a lot lately, it's such a great album.

Lucy Rose - Into The Wild

...because her voice is so soft and this song really calms me down. It's worth listening to so if you're not familiar with her, please have a listen!

Those are my 5 songs of the moment. What are your favourites? Let me know down below what I should listen to next month! Maybe I will discover some jewels. 

Lots of love,

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