What's in my bag?


Hello dear!

I did a What's In My Bag what feels like ages ago; it was one of my first posts on this blog and the photography was so bad! I really want to give you an updated version of it!

This is what I take with me whenever I go to school.

- Macbook Pro with Yoshi-sticker

-Victoria Secret pouch with some medication (like pain killers and stuff, first-aid things) part of make up bag trio (similar)

- Peacock feather diary from Peter Pauper Press

- Car keys with my festival wristbands as a key hanger

- Samsung cellphone

- iPod Touch 5 with Flower Pattern hardcase

- Apple in-ears with a little hair clip around to keep them together without strangling into each other. Whenever I need the clip for my hair, I'm carrying this around too! Two birds with one stone!

-Some bobby pins

- Clinique Almost Powder Make Up SPF 15 for touch ups during the day

- Tangle Teezer Compact Styler - with a lid to protect it in my bag

That's everything I've got!
Let me know if you did a post like this so I can check it out ;)

Lots of love,

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