3/4 Spending Ban: update


Remember guys?

I am on a spending ban for all make up things.
That means I'm trying to not buy any make up for 100 days, forcing me to blog about all the thing I already own and be creative with it, whilst saving up some money before I run out of it.

75 days have passed and I wanted to give you a little update on how I'm doing.

It's been a looooong way now! Only 25 days to go. I've been enjoying a lot of the products I got from my mom last time and she bought some stuff for herself recently that I can use as well ;) I love our relationship.

I have been eyeing on a lot, though. You might have seen my updated beauty wish list two weeks ago; as you can see, I've got a lot of high end products on my list that I really need to save up for!

Then besides that, I've been eyeing on some other products that I can buy here at home as well. I'm intrigued by the Cindy-Lou Manizer, Mary's little sister from The Balm, I also really want to try out a cream blusher, maybe the Bourjois one. And there are so many Kiko hauls and review going around that it makes me want to try out their products too! (I think those purchases will all be happening within one week after finishing this thing!

The lovely people from E.L.F. Belgium sent me an email to ask if I wanted to try out some goodies so I received those a week or two ago. Nope, I didn't fail my challenge! I received these for free and will use them in a blog post very soon! (I'm still testing them at the moment).

However, I think I broke our pact this weekend. I mean, I don't think, I KNOW.
I really want to get into lip products more, so I decided to buy some lip liners. I wanted to try a specific one from Rimmel but they didn't have it in the store, so I chose two others from Bourjois instead. They are very neutral, one is a pinky brown and one is a neutral brown. Then I was also looking out for a mini compact eyeshadow palette to travel with in July, I'd seen the Lorac travel sized eyeshadow kits but as they are not available in Belgium, I had to look for another option. As I was in the shop, I decided to go through the stuff from The Balm, as I know they do some eyeshadow palettes with blush and bronzer and sometimes even include lip balm. I don't know why I didn't see this one sooner, but it's the perfect travel sized palette called California Driver License face palette. I instagrammed this one too so check below to see how it looks. If any of you want me to do a look with this, let me know!

So yeah, I think I failed... :(
Nonetheless this little challenge has still saved me a lot of money to spend in London! I'm not quitting, I'm trying to hold on 'till the end of June.

Lots of love,

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