Blogs you should follow Pt. 2


Hey everyone!

Today, I want to spread the love. I'm going to link you up to some amazing bloggers, whether they have over 30k or only 50 followers, they are all amazing and you should go read their blogs right now!

Alina is the goddess of eyeshadows. She is a beauty blogger I've been reading for a while now and her blog is just beautiful (and so is she). Definitely go check her out, it will be worth it!

Alice is one of the nicest people in the blogging community I've met since I started blogging. Drugstore beauty is her weakness which makes it her specialty. If you ever need a good review for a drugstore product you've been eyeing on, or a good dupe for anything high end, go check her blog out because you will probably find it on there! She makes a lot of YouTube videos as well which makes her blog feel extra personal, one-on-one with the reader/viewer. Go give her a like if you will, please?

Jasmine started blogging right before I started and when I discovered her blog, I couldn't believe she was only blogging for a month or so! Whenever I see a great photo passing by in my Bloglovin' feed, it probably belongs to one of her posts. She rocks in that department! She also owns the most gorgeous make up items and her posts make me fall in love with a lot of products (I wish they didn't, my wallet hurts from reading her blog!) Go have read!

I wish I could steal a better picture of these lovely ladies (but I didn't want to ask them since this post is all about surprising fellow bloggers hehe.) The support they have given me for the last couple of months is unbelievable. Rebecca and Danielle are so kind and loving, you have no idea. They run their blog together and that seems to work very well for them. Go check their blog out because their posts are amazing!

Another Jasmine with lovely blog photography. She is such a wonderful beauty blogger with a slight obsession for lip products, I can tell from her various posts on lipsticks. Go say hi in her comments!

Last but certainly not least is the wonderful Sally. She is a die hard twitterer and I see her pop up on my screen a lot! Engaging in the beauty chats is what made me like her even more. There is something about her blog photography, but I can't really put my finger on it. It's super cute and very nice, without being too white or anything. Maybe you should just go check it out so you can see for yourself!

That's it for today!

Don't be shy to leave your links in the comments along with a little description of your blog and why people should go check out your blog. Together we can follow back each other and create an awesome community.

Lots of love to you all!


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