Chanel Illusion d'Ombre: review


Hey everyone!

So a couple of weeks ago my lovely mom treated me to some new make up things. A lot of them were from Benefit, which I have shown you in my Benefit Haul already.

Today I wanted to show you this precious looking cream eyeshadow from Chanel:
Illusion d'Ombre long wear luminous eyeshadow in the shade 82 émerveillé.

First of all, let me tell you how much I love every Chanel packaging that ever existed. It's so sophisticated and I just adore the signature imprint.

This cream eyeshadow came with a mini retractable brush, which I don't really use. I always use my fingers with cream eyeshadows. It might come in handy to put on the lower lash line, but so far I haven't done that and I already own brushes that will be perfect for doing that. But it's always a plus when little tools like this are included, for traveling.

It really wasn't what I expected. On the box it says "cream powder eyeshadow". I expected it to be very creamy and although I tested it in the store, it felt a whole lot different when I first used my new one. Maybe after a while it will actually feel more creamy, but right now it still feels more like a mousse to me. I think you can kind of get what I mean on the photo below.

It's like when you just put your finger on it, the product doesn't really come off, until you take a lump out of it. which is such a pain to put on. I think it works better if I already soften it up a bit between my fingertips. When I put it on my eyelid straight away, I really have to rub away the little lumps that it leaves. Such a shame because the consistency actually feels really nice and it does stay on for quite while without creasing (eyeshadows always crease very fast on me, this one did stay put for a good few hours until I started noticing it creasing a little bit. I'm not a good example to judge staying power, as nothing really stays put for that long on my oily eyelids.) It also blends like a dream.

So overall I am happy with the consistency, you just have to take your time a bit to work it in.

Now for the shade émerveillé. I really love it! It's nothing like I owned before. That's obviously why I picked it out. It's a very light metallic champange-peachy rose gold colour (wow Charline don't go too crazy on dropping colours! It's just really hard to describe and it contains a lot of hints of different colours). I'm really glad I chose this colour as it really brightens up my eyes.

I'd give this one an 8/10, because it's quite pricey (I paid €30 for it) and it's such a struggle to put on, but I really do like the consistency once it's on my eyes.

Is it worth it's money? I don't think so, I'm not going to pick up other colours. For 1/3 of the money I've got some amazing Maybelline Color Tattoos. The shade of this Chanel shadow is nothing I could find within the Maybelline range, so I'm glad I bought it, I just don't think it it worth it being so expensive.

Have you ever tried it or would you consider buying it?
Which ones are your favourite cream eyeshadows? Let me know in the comments, I've been loving the Maybelline Color Tattoos a lot and I really want to try out cream eyeshadows from other brands!

Lots of love,

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12 reacties

  1. Amazing post dear!

  2. It's such a bummer right? But it's such a gorgeous colour ;)

  3. I have this too! I would have to agree with you about the consistency ~

    lisa | lisaxbeauty

  4. Sometimes you do find yourself paying more for a product because the specific colour or finish can't be duped but I do agree too that the formula can occasionally let us down - perhaps because we expect more given the price? It sounds like you'll get lots of use out of it anyway - I have never seen a shade quite the same either and it really suits you!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  5. Thanks! Yes I do really like the shade, the photo of the swatch on my hand really doesn't do it justice, it shows up better on the photos where it's on my eyes ;) It's a gorgeous shade! x

  6. This looks so beautiful! I've never tried Chanel makeup but I do love a cream eyeshadow :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  7. Me neither, it was a gift from my mom :D

  8. I haven't tried this, but it looks very pretty on you! €30 is very pricey so I don't think I would buy it myself, but would be a nice gift! xx


  9. beautiful shade and product ! thanks for the review :)

  10. i really do like pot cream shadows but i haven't tried chanel's before. the most expensive so far, for me, are the Armani Eyes to Kill shadows. i frickin LOVE those ones.

    Jenn F

    A Beautiful Zen

  11. They look like something special, have not yet seen them anywhere!

  12. Yeah I mean this product is alright, but you don't want an "alright" product when you're paying that much, do you? So I'd say if you really want to give it a go, pick out a shade you've never seen before, like I did. I think this shade is quite unique and not a lot of other brands do a shade like this. Otherwise, I don't think it's worth the money. If you want a bronze cream eyeshadow, just go for the Maybelline Color Tattoos, I like their consistency way better ;) x