Competition | What's on my face?


Competition time!

As you may or may not know, I hit 500 followers on Bloglovin' last month. That's insane!
I wanted to give you a little present for always supporting me. I am so lucky to have been welcomed into the blogging world with open arms.

Now I had a bit of an idea when one day, I was having a low-maintenance make up day where I literally didn't care about my blemishes enough to be doing a full face of make up.

So I only put on 3 products on my face. Just to adjust some things here and there.

Now for the competition:
Can you guess which 3 products I put on my face in the picture above? 
(types of make up, not names or brands, that would be crazy.)

The first one to guess down below in the comments will be the winner!
(Only one entry, if you guess multiple times, you are disqualified.)
Winner will be announced on my blog next month, July 17th.

What can you win?

I'm terribly sorry that I don't have the budget right now to give you a physical gift. It's a bit difficult to send it from Belgium too, as I know a lot of you are from the UK or US and the high cost of sending something to you wouldn't make it better. In stead I will dedicate a whole post about your blog, anything you want to put in it, you can! Plus, I'll put a button to your blog in my sidebar for the rest of the summer and follow you on all of your social media (and I will promote you on there as well, don't worry).

Maybe it's not much, but hey, this is still a pretty fun game, right?

Good luck to everyone!

Lots of love,

PS: if you're having trouble guessing, have a look around on my blog. I'm sure you can get some inspiration out of previous make up looks, what's in my make up bags etc.


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14 reacties

  1. I'm gonna say lip balm, brow gel/liner and a bit of concealer... :) xxx

    Naomi /

  2. it's really hard right, hehe. Thought it would be fun to do for my readers. Thanks for entering! x

  3. Hmm, this is hard but a very good idea hehe! I'm gonna say that there's something through your brows, maybe a little mascara or a teeny bit of eyeliner, and something on your cheeks?

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. It is kind of tricky, thanks for entering!

  5. I'll guess brows, lips & something light on your cheeks. Tricky test!
    -Cory U | Cory U

  6. I'm guessing that you used lip balm, mascara and an eyebrow product?! xx


  7. very fun! I am going to say a moisturizer, concealer, and a chap stick/ lip product of some sort. Having someone promote your blog no matter how small/big is actually a really good thing, it helps get your blog out there. Have a great day!

  8. aw come on, at least have one try :D you barely see them, so there are multiple products you can already rule out ;) think about it, what could they be :D

  9. HAHA I definitely have no clue

  10. thanks for the support, I just feel like everyone else is hosting giveaways and stuff and I really can't afford it right now, with all the summer plans coming up. I don't want to disappoint my readers though, but I just thought this would be a fun thing to do ;) x

  11. I did a good bit in Marketing(Graphic Designer y'know)-Free Advertising, A Spotlight on Someone Else's Blog, and Social Media Promotion is actually a VALUABLE thing-never sell yourself short! And what a FUN contest idea to challenge all of our Make-up IQ! ;)