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Hey everyone!

So as I mentioned in last weeks summer make up post, I received some lovely goodies from the people at Eyes Lips Face Belgium (which is often referred to as "e.l.f.").

If you don't know what e.l.f. is (perfectly understandable) it's a really affordable brand where you have got make up items starting at €1. The products I'm going to review today are the Smudge Pots and they are €2,50 each.

The two shades I chose to try out are Cruisin' Chic (the beige shade) and Poppin' Party (the purple one). I was very intrigued by Poppin Party because I love wearing darker shades, especially in the evening. I thought it would be a great all over the lid shade, while Cruisin Chic looks more like a great base product to wear underneath powder eyeshadows.

I should probably explain what these are. e.l.f. Smudge Pots are basically cream eyeshadows which you can use as an eyeliner as well. Their website tell me to put it on with a brush or my fingertips; I prefer the latter as I can pick up more product and distribute it evenly on my eyelid.
Now as you can see, the Cruisin' Chic already broke before I even opened it so mister Mailman wasn't very careful with my package. But hey, I can still use the product.

I'm never too keen on eyeshadows when they are this cheap and I never expect much before I try them. The pigmentation did look alright when I first swatched them on my hand (see below). Cruisin' Chic spreads out a bit more evenly and Poppin' Party applies a little patchy, in my opinion. Such a shame because I was expecting more of this little product.

I can tell that the formulation of these two shades is completely different and I'm not too sure why that is, it probably has something to do with the different pigments they used to create the colour.

Cruisin' Chic feels a lot smoother than Poppin' Party. The purple shade actually faded after only an hour, which was so disappointing. I can't really explain what happened, but think about mascara that falls out during the day, but instead of the fall out being under your eyes, it's on your eyelid and it's looking purple. That's how I would describe how it looks. It's not a great look, let me tell you that.

A bit disappointed by that one, but luckily I got on with Cruisin' Chic a lot better.
This one actually stayed on my eyes longer than I expected without creasing, both with an eyeshadow on top and on it's own. It's so weird how the same product can be so different. I really like this shade as well, it's a neutral shimmery colour that is perfect for everyday wear. For only €2,50 it's significantly cheaper than the Maybelline Color Tattoos.

If you want to buy this, I'd definitely recommend trying the Cruisin' Chic one!

Have you ever tried one of these? Let me know: what were your experiences with them?

Lots of love,


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