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Hey everyone!

So if you have been reading my blog for a bit now, you will have seen my eyeshadow series that I've been doing. If not, I will quickly explain what I have been doing for the last few months.

I am obsessed with eyeshadows. They are probably my favourite part of doing my make up. I wanted to give you an insight into my eyeshadow collection by highlighting a specific colour every week. There are still a few that I didn't cover, but it doesn't make sense to do a whole post around a paerticular colour when I only have one product that actually has that colour.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I basically ran out of colours to continue this little series. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you still need to catch up, click here to see all the posts on this topic!

To wrap these up, I'm going to add 2 more weeks, starting today with my favourite shimmery eyeshadows. Next week I'll highlight my favourite matte shade. That's the last thing I can add to this.

Maybe when I add some pieces to my collection and I feel like putting some of them together, I might still do a few similar posts. But for now, these last few will be the end of a beautiful journey.

Now onto the shimmery shades!

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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick - Sunlight Gold
This is my favourite champagne colour of all times and the stick is so easy to use. It's waterproof and stays on so good! (I noticed this especially when I swatched all the shadows on the back of my hand, then when I tried to wash them off, the only one that didn't budge was this one.) It's such a great formula too so if you're thinking about trying a shadow stick, please do check out the Bobbi Brown counters while you're searching for your ideal shade!

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette - Half Baked
This is a good all round golden shade that I use all the time. This one is in the original Naked palette as well. It's such a pretty all over the lid colour and the quality is amazing.

Mac Fluidline Eye Pencil - Atomic Ore
This is such a pretty yellow-golden colour and I have used this one in my Peachy Mac eye look. I use this a lot on my waterline. I really want to pick up some other colours.

Mac eyeshadow - Woodwinked
This is a recent discovery but I love it so much and the quality of this is so amazing. Really not much to say about it, other than I love all Mac eyeshadows!

Maybelline Color Tattoo - On and On Bronze
My favourite cream eyeshadow must be this one, it's gorgeous for all over the lid and is a great base for other golden brown shimmery shades. You have heard me rave about this all the time so I should probably stop here. ;)

Rimmel Kate Shadow Stick - Rose Gold
The loveliest coppery-bronze shade of them all. I'm so glad I decided to pick this one up one time a long while ago and I have been giving this so much love! Too bad I have to sharpen this one though, I really like self-sharpening twist-up pencils... But other than that, I love this one a lot a lot a lot!

Which shimmery shades are your favourites? Let me know down below!

Lots of love,


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