Festival Survival Kit


Hey peeps!

Today I'll be on my way for a festival day at Pinkpop Festival. This is what's going in my bag!

purse with some cash and my passport / watch in case my phone battery dies /mini deodorant / mini dry shampoo / hand sanitizer / blister plasters / festival ticket / compact powder foundation / lip balm / perfume sample / sunscreen / hair grips and elastic band / ear plugs (mine are custom made) / sunglasses / phone / juice cube charger + wire / paper tissues / hoodie for the evening

Now pray with me it won't rain!
What are your festival essentials? Let me know down below!

Sorry it's a short one, I'm running out of ideas a bit since I have not much make up related stuff to blog about because I can't buy new stuff (but that will change soon! Bare with me!) and daily blogging is getting the best of me. Hope you liked this post nevertheless ;)

Lots of love,


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