Monthly Must-see: Crabstickz is back on YouTube!


Hey peeps!

So this month something great happened... Chris Kendall aka. Crabstickz returned to YouTube!
Ever since I discovered his channel, I have been a big fan of his videos. If you are not into weird humor, than this might not be for you, but he always amazed me with his sketches and I think he is a brilliant actor.

He has been away from YouTube for a while, I think partially because of his professional life - he did a lot of stuff for the BBC a while back - but I think partially because of his personal life as well. He didn't go into detail, because, you know, it's his personal life and he has the right to, but he decided to pick up making videos again and started with a format that's quite new to him: daily vlogging. This was the perfect timing, as he just traveled to America to join PJ Liguori aka. KickThePJ and Mitchell Davis aka. LiveLavaLive to make a series for Oscar's Hotel!

The video below made me chuckle and I really wanted to share it with you guys! Enjoy!

Lots of love,


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