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Hey everyone!

Today I invited the two lovely ladies from The Two Twenty Somethings on my blog. They are probably the most supportive girls I've met on the internet. They want to talk a bit about what they would tell their younger selves.

Hello! We're Danielle and Rebecca from The Two Twenty Somethings. We really love Charline's blog and we were honoured to be asked if we wanted to take part in her #NoteToSelf series. We decided that we would write about the things we would tell our teenage selves. We hope you like it!

Danielle says: 

Be thankful of your sheltered childhood.
Just trust me on this, I know it seems really unfair that you're not allowed to go and roam the streets with friends, or go to that church youth club because our parents think they do drugs, (although we both know better on that one) you're so easily influenced and you just know you'd get up to no good, you'd probably start smoking because you think it's really cool or you'd probably stand, feeling a bit awkward with your friends, outside a corner shop as they ask adults to buy you some fags or alcohol. In a few years you're going to look at kids doing the same thing and thank the heavens that was never you, I promise!

Don't pluck your brows! 
Stop what you're doing and step away from those tweezers!! Please, please, please don't pluck your eyebrows just yet! I don't know what's going on in your head right now but thin eyebrows are not cool and they never will be, trust me in 10 years time you're going to be begging for those brows. Do you really want to ruin your prom pictures by looking like a potato with a face?! I guess it's OK to pluck the middle, you are getting a bit of a mono-brow aren't you? But that's where you stop OK? Just don't do it!!

You'll never want to fit in with the cool crowd!
Believe it or not, being different is cool these days and actually 'cool 'is such a 90s-00s word, but you won't stop using it! Anyway this is a positive pointer, enough nagging you. Remember that time when you went for a girly shop with your friends, they just wanted to try on clothes they couldn't afford, but you sighed and told them you'd rather be at home playing on your Xbox (here comes the strange looks). I'm glad you never felt ashamed to be who you want to be even though once you once got called weird because you'd rather play Call of Duty than sit and talk about boys and hair, yet you still love pink frilly things and painting your nails. You've always been able to entertain yourself and I don't think you've ever been bored because you're interested in everything, I'd love Aria to be like you in that way, she's our daughter by the way? How cool is that?! 

Rebecca says:

Hang around with the right people, not the wrong ones!
Your mum and dad keep telling you they don't like your best friend, but no, they're not being mean or rude. She's seriously not worth your time and she's going to keep letting you down. She is just using you actually. You don't even speak now. I know, I know, it's like woah WHY?! But it's true. You're actually much much happier without her and you're going to meet people who are far better not long after you fall out the last time. Also, in university, try to make more friends than just the first people you meet. Except for Joe - you meet him on day one but he's worth staying friends with. Actually, spend more time with him - the last year of uni was your best and that's why! Also, on a slightly different but related note, make more effort to keep in touch with the right people. You do feel pretty sorry that you didn't later.

Wear clothes that suit you not anyone else.
Look. You're never going to be 'thin' and you know what? It doesn't matter. Stop looking for approval on that in the wrong places and try really hard to concentrate on being healthy instead. Get better at trying new foods and finding ways to eat more fruit and veg. You have managed that to a certain extent, but we're still working on it. By the way, here's a curveball for you - you actually like stir fry and salad now. No, genuinely. Anyway, back to the clothes! Instead of looking at what your favourite famous person is wearing and trying to replicate that, study your own body shape and what clothes you have that already make you feel confident, and wear more of them. Take pleasure in your outfits instead of just throwing stuff on. And DON'T listen when people make fun of you for wearing heels or dressing up at parties. If that's your thing (and it so is) embrace it! These people are 9 times out of 10 just jealous of you anyway. Though I know it's hard to believe anyone's jealous of you. But seriously, shh! They are.

Stop being so EMBARRASSED of everything you do. 
You're naturally quite clumsy (your friend Lauren calls you Whoopsy. No, not any of the Laurens you're thinking of. This is another one, that you meet when you start your part time job. Yep, you've got a job! Oops, gone a bit off topic here...) so yeah, you're probably always going to be breaking and spilling things, although it wouldn't be as bad if you weren't so hyper-aware of it and relaxed a bit more. So learn to laugh when you do make a mess! Just listen to Dad, chill out more, stop cringing at everything you think you said wrong or about the way you looked in that photo. Please don't judge yourself so harshly. Christ, no one even CARES that you just laughed loudly or what your makeup looked like by the time school finished. Try to remember everyone is so wrapped up in themselves that they aren't constantly scrutinising you. You're enough. You're way more than enough. To finish - you know your favourite singer Taylor Swift? She's gonna be MASSIVE and really cool and you'll be super smug that you liked her already. But anyway, there's a song called Innocent on her third album and it goes who you are is not what you did. It becomes your favourite lyric ever and you really need to remember it when you get embarrassed of yourself! So let yourself go and be yourself!

Danielle & Rebecca 


P.S. You can find us at www.thetwotwentysomethings.blogspot.co.uk :) 

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