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Hey lovely readers!

So we are almost at the end of the series (or at least season 1, haha, maybe I'll start again after the summer). Today I invited the lovely Fleur from fleurdanielle because I absolutely enjoy reading her blog. She picked out a great quote to share with you and I couldn't relate more to this. I'm glad she chose such a fun and honest one. Enjoy reading what she has to say about it!


Hi Everyone! Hope you are all okay! If you didn't already know about me, my name is Fleur and I blog over at fleurdanielle. The lovely Charline who's blog you are reading recently contacted me and asked me if I would like to take part in her #NoteToSelf Inspirational Wednesday series. I said yes as I think it's such a wonderful idea. I'm always looking at inspirational quotes and there's definitely a few I think everyone should take into consideration when they are living their everyday life but before I ramble on too much let me get straight to the post. 

The quote I've decided to pick is this one which says, 'You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches'. I honestly think this quote is so incredibly important for everyone to remember. When Charline first got into contact with me it was definitely one of the first quotes that sprung to mind based on my own experiences. Growing up I absolutely hated the thought of someone not liking me. I just didn't like it at all and throughout school I remember a group of people who really didn't like me but who I wanted to fit in with so badly. I tried to change things about myself and did things that I knew were not me but who I wanted to fit in with badly anyway. I didn't become a horrible person or anything like that but I still wasn't fully me. 

I also follow a lot of blogs and a lot of people on social media and I see a lot of people get disappointed and upset if they get a negative comment, or someone doesn't agree with a blog post they have written. I've seen blogs change overtime in order to please each and everyone of their readers which is impossible as not everyone will be happy with this and I've even seen people tweet that they wish they were the sort of person who everyone likes. If you're reading this and are thinking to yourself, yes, that's me, then please do not worry about being liked by everybody as it seriously is virtually impossible. 

I find that a lot of us spend a lot of time changing who we are in order to gain others approval instead of just being ourselves, or we hear someone doesn't like us and we decide to change in order to make them like us which is just wrong whether it's a friend, or member of the opposite sex. It doesn't matter if you're the nicest person in the world, or the prettiest or the smartest person, not everyone is going to like you and I think it's more important to be who you are than change to be someone who you're not and risk the people who do like and love you against you. 

I hope this post made sense and I hope you take away something from this. In a nut shell just be yourself. Be who you are. If a person doesn't like you or doesn't show you attention forget about them and move on. The same goes for your blog. If someone criticises it or doesn't like it then just remember it's your blog and your loyal readers will always be there to read and support you. Don't get down if suddenly someone leaves a hateful comment or you find out someone doesn't like you as that is life. Just be you. As long as you are happy nobody else really matters apart from the people closest to you. I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday and thank you Charline for allowing me to post about such a wonderful topic! 



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