#NoteToSelf: thank you!


This weeks #NoteToSelf is a #NoteToYOU, 
dedicated to all the lovely people I welcomed on my blog!

#NoteToYOU: Thanks for colouring in the open spaces on my blog with your lovely tales, wisdoms and kind words.

I feel like over the past 6 months I have learned so much about people and how to interact with fellow bloggers over the internet, bonding over topics that interest you both and opinions you share. I enjoyed having all of you on my blog so much and I loved every single one of your guest posts. It shows that everyone is different and that's okay. That's what made this series so interesting.

I really feel like I've made some friends over doing this thing, appreciate fellow bloggers and being appreciated over what I do. It feels so good to know I have people I can talk to about my make up obsession, go crazy about stupid things like Eurovision (you know who you are!) and generally have a good talk to them to give us both a confidence boost!

So all I can say is 1000 x THANK YOU for the effort you all put into this, the kindness of helping me with this series, the love and friendship you left and the gorgeous posts you created on this little corner of the internet I call my blog.

If I could, I would hug you all individually, but instead, here's a heart for every blogger that has been here for me.


If you want to have a look back on all of the posts that went up, click here.
If you'd like to apply for (let's call it) season 2 of the series after the summer, click here.

Lots of love,


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