Pinkpop in pics


Hey everyone!

Today I just wanted to share some pics I took while I was partying at Pinkpop festival the day before yesterday. I had a great time, the weather was nice and my closest friends were there to party with me.

 Festival Season has officially started! 

The first artist we checked out is Dotan. He's from The Netherlands and makes brilliant music. Have a listen.

Next up for us was Selah Sue, our Belgian pride. She has so much soul in her body and is just an amazing female artist and performer.

Another great group of musicians is Kensington, again from The Netherlands. I love the singer's voice so much, it's very unique.

Then just like two years ago, when the sun was going down, The Script performed on the Main Stage. He took over the whole crowd and it was such a great show. I love them so much.

As you can see, the sun was shining beautifully and there was a gorgeous sunset. woohoo! ☼

We went up to have an overview of the park and look how great it is to see the crowd from above! 

I would share more photos but the other pics all have my friends in them and I didn't want to publish them :) if you go to my instagram @charlineofficial, you can catch a glimpse of my lovely friends.

Which festivals are you going to visit this year? Let me know what you're looking forward to most this summer!

Lots of love,


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