Rock Werchter in pics


We had a blast at Rock Werchter last Friday!

Although Ben Howard canceled his performance and we were totally bummed out about it, we made the best of our festival day!

The new festival tents had such a great atmosphere and I was so excited to check them out! The top performances we checked out were Gavin James, John Newman, Mumford&Sons and Pharrell Williams. 

I was so busy preparing everything that I forgot to take a picture of my make up! I made the mistake of applying bright blue winged eyeliner on a hot summer festival day so I had to check every 30 minutes to see if it had smudged or transferred to my lid. Not the best idea and I'll learn from my mistakes. I did make my arms festival-ready with some metallic temporary tattoos!

First thing we did was check out the stages and as I mentioned, there were new tents. Look at these beautiful fairy lights! Isn't it cute?

The first act we saw was Gavin James. I don't have a great picture of that performance because we weren't too close by the stage. But it sounded so great! He owned the stage and was blown away by the big crowd that showed up for him!

Next we walked around a bit to check out all the awesome festival food, of course. Then we headed back to the tent to see John Newman's performance. It wasn't new for me as I saw him last summer already, but it was awesome nevertheless. Also: let's point out for a second that he had the cutest drummer with him in the back! ;-)

Normally after that, Ben Howard would have been on stage so this was kind of a moment where we were a bit lost. We went to eat some really yummy things and met up with some other friends.

Mumford&Sons were up in the evening on Main Stage and I must say I wasn't a big fan of their banjo music. I could appreciate them, but I wasn't a massive fan. Since their new album released I've gotten more into that and I'm so happy that they played a lot of their new songs so I could actually sing along!

After that we stayed a bit for Pharrell Williams but we didn't go up close so again I don't have pictures of that. I can't find great videos either but you get the idea. Always a great party with Pharrell's music!

Have you been to any festivals yet? Are you planning on going to some this summer, Let me know down below!

Lots of love,


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