Studded earrings for summer


Hey everyone!

So y'all know how obsessed I am with earrings, right? (Or not? Did I ever mention that?)
Anyways, since I got my short hair, I've not been wearing longer earrings too often, but preferably wear studs, as they fit me better right now.

I'm going to show you my favourite ones for the summer!

The two pairs above are from Six. The starfishes are from last year but they are still so pretty with the pastel colours that are very hip at the moment! The second pair is from the SS15 collection and they are very subtle but so pretty.

These flowers are also from Six and also from last year but they re-made similar ones this year. Again, the pastel colours are still so beautiful for this summer! These ones are a bit bigger than the others but they just add a nice touch to my complete look.

The last three pairs I wanted to share are more minimalistic and even more subtle, for when I don't feel like drawing too much attention to my earrings. I've been enjoying wearing studs like these a lot lately. The first pair is from Orelia and I bought them at Topshop. The lovely golden bars can be worn with literally everything. The second pair is from &Other Stories and they golden round studs, flattened at the top. They look like little buttons. The last pair is from Six (can you tell this is my absolute favourite store?) and they are little rose golden heart shaped studs. I love rose gold and couldn't not include a pair. For those more romantic looks, these are perfect.

What do you think? Do you prefer hangers or studded earrings? Or do you wear none at all? Let me know down below!

Lots of love,


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