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Hey everyone!

I'm so excited for this post because it's my first collaboration on my blog! The people at e.l.f. Cosmetics Belgium were so kind to contact me and ask if I wanted to try out some of their products. I was very intrigued by the Baked Eyeshadow palette and I really wanted to give the Eyeliner & Shadow Stick and the Precision Liquid Liner a go.

I filmed a video tutorial with these products and created a golden bronze summer smokey eye with them. Have a look! The full review on these three products will be written down below.

Now for the three stars of this video. As I mentioned earlier I chose out the Eyeliner & Shadow stick in the shade Brown / Basic as I thought this would suit me best. In the photo on the website the shadow colour looked more beige than it did on my lids, but I liked it nevertheless. It comes out as a bronze, almost rose gold shade. I applied it all over the lid and blended out the edges with a soft crease brush. This product is so easy to use and a real good one for traveling. You've got two products in one! The darker brown shade on the other end is smaller and pointier so it's easier to line the eyes. In my opinion it felt a bit sharp on my eyelid so that's why I didn't apply it on my upper lid in the first place (also because I had a liquid liner for that) but it's great for the lower lash line. The colour pay of is alright but not too great. It doesn't stick to my waterline, something that high end pencils do, but I didn't want to go for that full smokey look anyways. I just applied it on my lower lash line and that made it all loo a bit darker and smokier. Overall this is a really good duo stick and the shade is gorgeous, such a me-colour! The staying power is alright but nothing too fancy. My eyelids are very oily so almost everything creases on me, I'm not one to judge.

Onto the  Baked Eyeshadow palette in the California shade. This one had the best combination of warm and cool shades, in my opinion and I prefer the bronze ones anyways so this seemed perfect to me. The shades also really complemented the shade of the eyeliner/shadow stick.
In the video I applied them with a brush on top of the cream shadow I applied earlier. I feel like the colour pay of is better when you apply it with your finger, especially if you want to wear them on their own (without a cream product underneath). For this look all I wanted to do is set the cream shadow in place and intensify the colour and the glitter, which worked out pretty good. I don't think they work really well on their own, the colours aren't as intense as they look in the tin. They are a great addition to a cream base though. Be careful when applying and swirling around your brush because they have quite some fall out!

Lastly I picked out the Precision Liquid liner and this is just a regular black liner. I am very used to using felt tip liners, so using a liquid liner was something quite new to me, especially the brush applicator. At first I didn't get on with it too well because the brush looked split and it took me some time to manipulate it. I was worried it would leave me with a double line or a wonky one. Once I actually applied the product it felt so easy to apply! It really glides onto my lid and it's just the right size to comfortably work with it in two directions (from the inside out and for the flick from he outside in). The formula is quite wet though and I don't really think that's something for me. It's easy to apply alright, but as you can see in the video, the product transferred onto my upper eyelid when I accidentally opened up my eyes too wide and I had to wipe it away. This happened another 3 times off camera. I don't have the patience for that, I'd rather have one that dries a bit quicker. I really don't want to end this review on a bad note but I can't say a lot of good things about the staying power. After 1 hour it started to flake off already. Too bad because it actually looked quite nice right after it dried up. It's a shame, but then again I didn't expect too much from a cheap eyeliner.

The palette comes at €12 which is very affordable if you count there are 10 shades in there, the eyeliner & shadow duo is a bargain at €4 and the liquid liner is also €4 on the Belgian website.

I also received the e.l.f. Smudge Pot in two colours, there will be a full review on those next week!

Thanks for watching the video and please let me know what you think of 1) the look and 2) the video itself. If there's anything you've noticed I could do better, write your comment down below! I really wanted to do a voice over but I just couldn't get it right and then I felt awkward talking in English and hearing myself and then I just gave up on that part ;-) Maybe next time!

Lots of love,


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