Barcelona Beauty Haul


Hey everyone!

So this will be the last big haul for a whole while, because all my money is gone now. Literally. I have a problem.

BUT! There was a Sephora across from the hotel I was staying in Barcelona so, yeah, how could I not splurge? Let's see what I got there, as well as in some other stores and duty-free at the airport!

I went to the Too Faced stand straight away because I believe I can't order some of the stuff over here. If I remember correctly, the Better Than Sex mascara is not available in Belgium on the Sephora website, last time I checked. Of course, now I check it, it IS actually available; I'm still glad I got to try it IRL and I'm not afraid of running out of it anymore if I happen to like it since I can always order a new one!

I found a brilliantly cheap set of four cult classics/best sellers, called "Beauty Experts Darlings". It includes four mini's: a Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, La Crème Lip Cream in Naked Dolly, Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer and a Better Than Sex mascara. Considering the full sizes cost €86 all together and this little pack is only €15, I found it was a total bargain! That way I could try out the eye primer - which still contains quite some products - and the chocolate soleil bronzer without having to splurge on a full size. 

I also really wanted to try the mascara before buying a full size and I'm glad I bought this at the beginning of the week I spent in Barcelona so I could have a go. I LOVE it a lot, it separates my lashes so beautifully and it really doesn't clump at all! I went back a few days later to buy a full size, as a backup for when I run out of the mini one.

Last thing I picked up from Too faced was the Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in the shade Melted Nude. I've heard a lot about these and really wanted to try a nude coloured one. This one seems like such a me-colour. Eager to try it!

When I went to the Benefit counters I saw the coloured They're Real push up liners - they only just came out in Belgium so I haven't had the chance to swatch them at home - and they were a slight bit less expensive. I picked up the one in Beyond Blue. I never tried the original black one so this is a first for me. I'm not getting on too well with the formula and I'm struggling to get it on my eyes. If you have this one and you know how to work it, please let me know in the comments! For me, it's just so hard to pack on the product without having a proper felt tip or brush... It almost crumbles apart when I'm not cautious enough. Help me please because I really want to make it work!

Also: did you see that Marc Jacobs palette? Stunning, isn't it? Yes, I finally decided to give all my money on this one. It's the Style Eye-con no.7 plush eyeshadow palette in 212 The Dreamer. It has some pretty neutral shades in the front and some gorgeous metallic ones at the end. I can't wait to give it a go; they are sooooo pigmented and buttery!

Of course you can't resist the mini-products at the checkout and I spotted the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and the Surf Spray everyone raves about. I've been loving my Toni&Guy Sea Salt spray and really wanted to compare but as they are so expensive, I never bought it. The minis come in handy for traveling as well!

If I go to Sephora, of course I have to pick up some tools. I bought a little nail file cube-thing that's so easy to throw in my bag. I also picked up three brushes: My beloved 45 Mineral Powder brush that I use for foundation (it has a hard time serving a purpose it's not made for but I just love it! That's why I bought a back up, for when the one I'm currently using gives up), a 56 PRO Flawless Airbrush that I'm not sure what to use for; it's supposed to be for foundation and maybe I will use it for that, but maybe I'll use it for blush or bronzer (maybe the product I'm going to show you next!) and lastly a 74 PRO Contour brush. I never had a proper contour brush and I'm dying to use my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow with this brush!

I spotted a Kiko store when wandering around the streets of Barcelona and I just had to check out the sale they were having. I heavily swatched the Long Lasting cream shadow sticks - because you know how I love them if you've read my review - and decided to pick up the shade 39 Dark Taupe. When swatched it's a lovely purple-ish brown metallic shade. So pretty!

Then I also went for a single Infinity eyeshadow - I've never tried any Kiko ones before! - and went for the shade 210 Satin Brick. I think this will be a beautiful warm crease colour for Autumn.

I picked up a travel sized Bioderma Micellar Water bottle because I never tried it before and didn't want to carry a big heavy bottle. I hae no idea if and where I can find these at home. I will figure that one out if I like the product, but I think I will since everyone and their mum raves about this.

I bought some things in Duty-Free at the airport and I found this cute little set from Maybelline. It's the Travel Collection in Bachelorette Party and includes three full-sized products: a Volum'Express The Colossal Smoky Eyes mascara (I love Maybelline mascaras and this is the main reason I picked up this set) a Master Duo 2-in-1 Liquid Liner that has the most interesting applicator and a Color Elixir Lip Lacquer in 725 Caramel Infused. Three gorgeous products I never tried before - I'm already so amazed by the mascara and I actually think it looks very similar to the Too Faced Better Than Sex one. Will keep you updated on that.

Last but not least:TADAAAM! I finally found a Bourjois Bronzing Primer - only it has a totally different name and sticker on it. So weird, but it's the same product, called Sun Illusion in 71 fair. I don't know why they don't sell the Bronzing Primers where I live - and even in Sephora they had this version of the product - but I'm sure it's the same thing but different name. I think I might use that Pro Airbrush to apply this one ;)

PHEW so now all my money is gone I will get trying, applying, using, testing and reviewing a whole lot in the next few months. Leave a comment if you're excited for that!

Also: if you would like to see a non-beauty haul of the stuff I got in Barcelona (mainly clothes, shoes and accessories) then let me know in the comments as well!

Hope you liked this haul, and if I didn't ask you enough questions already, then also let me know if you have anything from this and how you like it (especially the help-cry for the Benefit eyeliner!) or are lusting over some of these!

Lots of love,


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