Battle of the Felt Tip Liners


Hey everyone!

I have been using different eyeliners over the years and there are three felt tip eyeliners I want to talk about today, because they show some great similarities but also great differences.

The first one I ever tried out is the Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner. I was never really into black eyeliner until I tried this one. It looked like it was easy to use and I was intrigued by the concept of the felt tip. I always thought a liquid liner with a brush would be too hard for me to do right and I never got to try it.

I got on really well with this one at first. It has a really fine tip and is great for applying quite precisely. However I could never get the wing right. I figured it was because I just wasn't used to doing it yet. The tip is quite long and bendy and that's the reason I couldn't really do it right. Also the formula dries up rather quickly, so if I go back in to enhance it a bit, the product smudged away and it's hard to put it back on. That'w why I figured I would try a new one as this one was drying up a bit anyway.

The next one I tried is the l'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim eyeliner. This one has been my favourite for a long time and I didn't use anything else. The tip is significantly shorter, which makes it less bendy and sturdier for applying a wing. This one does it so much better in my opinion and I like the formula better as well. It doesn't dry as quickly so you have time to correct and go back in. It's also a lot blacker than the Maybelline one. Because of the packaging (with the little grip thing right where you grab it) it lies better in your hands so it feels a lot more comfortable and easy to use. The staying power of this one is also better than the Maybelline one. It really does stay on all day!

Recently I picked up the Kiko Ultimate Pen Long Wear eyeliner. It looked so similar to the l'Oréal one and I was ordering some stuff anyways so I figured why not just try it out. The tip is a little bit wider at the base and just a tiny bit shorter. It's just as easy to use and the staying power is just as good. It feels a little bit 'stiffer' when you apply it, because the tip is shorter it feels even less bendy. The l'Oréal one is a bit softer to the touch and that feels a bit better on my eyes. But overall this product is pretty much the same. Even the packaging is exactly the same with the little grip-thing. I really like this eyeliner a lot.

Now in the UK the price difference is not that big. The Maybelline one is £5.99 at Boots, the l'Oréal one is £6.99 at Boots and the Kiko one is £6.90 on the Kiko website. Those are some pretty affordable prices, I think.

But for me, in Belgium, there's a big difference. Maybelline and l'Oréal are a lot more expensive here and that really sucks. The Maybelline liner is €9,99 and the l'Oréal liner is €13,99! The Kiko liner was €6,90 on their website so that's half of the price of the l'Oréal one. I'm clearly converted to this liner as it is just as good as the l'Oréal one but a lot cheaper. Too bad the Kiko liner doesn't come in different colours. I'm hooked on the green Super Liner Perfect Slim though...

Maybelline Master Precise - l'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim - Kiko Ultimate Pen Long Wear

Have you tried any of these, or similar felt tip liners? Let me know which one you prefer down in the comments!

Lots of love,


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