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Hey peeps!

Today I want to give you a review on my two dream products of the moment. I never thought I would like them as much as I do, so I'm going to run you through my application steps and show you some swatches, as well as how it looks on my face.

 So I tried applying them in two different ways. Both work for me, it just depends on how I feel like doing it at the moment.

The first "method" I tried is applying the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in the shade 31 Ivory with a brush, as I would normally apply my foundation. This is the first ever CC cream I try so I'm not used to working with it yet. It gives me a great finish and I already feel that this product gives more coverage than I thought it would. It doesn't cover as much as a foundation, but recently I feel more like covering up my spots with a good concealer, rather than caking on my foundation so I really wanted to try this one. It's a great base for the rest of my make up. I then took the The Body Shop Honey Bronze Face Gel, which I tried applying like I would a bronzing powder, to "contour" my face. It didn't work out as I expected, so I started rubbing it out on my entire face with my fingers, blending it out but still trying to concentrate it more on my contour areas. I then decided to buff it in a bit more because if it's not blended out well, it can look a bit orange. This is definitely not a product for contouring, but rather one for all over bronzing, as if I'm tanned.

After experimenting with it for a while, I decided to try mixing the two products together and apply them with my fingers as I would a day cream. they blend together really well and after rubbing the mix onto my face, I take my Zoeva buffing brush to blend it into my skin a bit more. It gives the same effect on my skin, but I find this second one a bit easier. Just make sure you don't put in too much of the Honey Bronze. You can always add more, but you really only need a little drop to get that sunkissed look.

Both of the products are very runny, especially after they've been in my boiling hot room for a while. I'm always very careful when opening them, so I don't waste any product. You can see some swatches below.

Bourjois 123 CC cream - The Body Shop Honey Bronze
below: blended

I really like that it doesn't crease  or melt of my face during the day. If it's a long day, I feel like powdering or buffing it in halfway during the day is a good idea because my skin does get oily. I always set it with a powder though, because my skin it quite oily. These products did make me change my make up routine a bit. I've been using a lot more cream products such as the Bourjois Cream Blush you've seen in yesterday's haul, and the Benefit Watt's Up cream highlighter stick. Then I powder afterwards, something I always used to do right after foundation&concealer.

Here is how my skin looks bare face, how it looks on my skin right after applying it and with a full make up face.

As you can see, my skin wasn't being too well, I took these pictures two weeks ago and that day I was just coming up with a fever! Hooray for feeling sick! Anyways, the CC cream doesn't cover as much as I would like to from a foundation, but it does give me a nice base. Mixed in with a bit of the Honey Bronze face gel, it gives some colour to my face. I still need heaps of concealer when I'm having a bad skin day like on these photos, but it sure is a really great combo for better skin days.

These products were definitely worth picking up and I feel like I'm going to keep using them lots this summer! I will try the Honey Bronze Gel again with a proper foundation too, but right now, this combo just really works well for me!

Have you tried one of these two products? How were your experiences with them? Let me know down below.

Lots of love,


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