EyeMajic 10 second eyeshadow: review


Hey everyone!

Today I want to show you a kind of gimmicky product that I received for free a while ago. It was a Scratch&Win action at my local Di drugstore because they were celebrating 40 years of existing. I won this EyeMajic eyeshadow pads that promise to give you a perfect eyeshadow look in 10 seconds.

So there are 5x2 pads included in this box. As you can see they consist of 3 colours: a light colour on top, a brighter colour in the middle and a darker colour near the lash line. They come in 6 different colours: a grey smoky colour, a nude brown, a caramely shade, a green colour scheme, a red-brownish one (the one I've got called Sepia Brown with grey but I think it's more of a red than a brown) and lastly a purple one.

Down below you can see on my left eye (your right) how it's applied after following the instructions on the box. There is not much left of the three colours because I blended them out a bit.

So onto the steps! First I take a pad and place it as close to my lash line as possible. 

Next step is swiping it out a bit to the side so the product comes of and is pressed onto the lid.

You can see how they came off. The transition of the colours is quite harsh so I decided to blend them out a bit. It takes a bit of technique to get them to pay off evenly (it worked better on my right eye, in the pics I think I pulled it up too high, which is why everything will look so damn red in the end!)

So after I did that, I looked like a complete clown. It looks prettier on the box, of course. Maybe I should work on my angle a bit before I master the application of this product. They say I can use the back of the pad to blend it out but I prefer using an eyeshadow brush for that. On the picture below you can see there is still some eyeshadow left so if I want to touch up some areas, i can use the leftover eyeshadow on the pad.

When blended out, not much is left from the darker grey colour that is supposed to line my eyes a bit, but I think it does create some shadow after all. Popped on some mascara to show you the finished result down below.

So I applied it too high on my left eye which is a good lesson for me. I will keep trying them but first impression: this is a total gimmick. I mean, maybe it's an okay product for people who have no idea about doing an eyeshadow look, but for me personally, it takes almost as much time as doing an actual eyeshadow look. I don't think I need stuff like this to be quicker in my routine, because I still need to blend it all in and out and fix it up. It feels very light on my eyes though.

They are available in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. If you want to know more about this product, go to www.eyemajic.nl . They cost around €8,00 depending on where you get them.

This post was not sponsored, I just wanted to show you this little gimmick and how I got on with it!

Would you consider trying these? Do you think it would help you a lot with your eyeshadow look? Let me know what you think about it!

Lots of love,


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