How to combine summer with school


Hey peeps!

You may have already read on my blog that this year is a working summer holiday for me. I made some decisions earlier on this year to take it easy on school and postpone some of my deadlines. That means I have more time to finish them, but I also didn't graduate along with all my friends and I need to keep on working on my project during the summer holiday while I still want to have some fun and relaxed moments.

How I (try to) do that? Keep on reading! ;-)

Well, planning is key. And let that just be the one thing I suck at. I hate planning and I've always been bad at it. Whenever I had to make a planning for my exams or other school things, I just never stuck to it and just kept procrastinating all day. Making a planning was useless. I'm still not good at it because I still procrastinate all day everyday until the very last moment.

Blogging has changed that. I plan so much posts in advance and I amaze myself everyday. I think it's because this is just another hobby for me and this is part of the procrastination... I wish I was as organized at school as I was on Blogger.

I did plan out my entire two months of summer holiday in advance. That way I had an overview of when I would go away and abroad, when I would have to work at my summer job and when I would be at home. The time I'm at home had to be split up in "doing fun things with my friends" and "working on my paper". I made a rule for myself to make sure I would work for school everyday I'm at home: If I plan fun stuff with friends during the day, I can't plan anything in the evening so I can work for school afterwards. If I plan to go out at night, I can't plan anything during the day so I can work for school before going out. That's an easy rule, right?

It's important to relax from time to time. You don't want to get all stressed out sitting inside your room working for school while everyone else is super relaxed because of the nice weather and the school-free moments? Just allow yourself to do fun stuff, go out in the sun for an hour, take a nice shower/bath, go have a drink with friends. I figured I wouldn't lie to myself thinking I could work for school for a whole day, then ending up being inside the house all day without catching a ray of sun or having socialised with someone IRL and realise I just procrastinated by refreshing my facebook 200 times.

I think those little things really get me through it all. Do you have any other tips for me? Let me know in the comments! Hope everyone is having a great, sunny and school-free summer!

Lots of love,


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