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Hey peeps!

So while I'm still recovering from going to London, I wanted to show you what I got delivered at home before I left. I never tried out any Kiko products before and i had heard a lot about the cream shadow sticks, so I picked out some of those, along with some other stuff.


 The first thing I saw on the website is the limited edition Eyeshadow Duo Creamy Touch with a turquoise pencil on one side and a dark brown on the other. This will come in very handy this summer and I loved the golden lids on it too. (Swatches below) Can we just appreciate the beautiful little box it was in?

I picked out 3 Long Lasting Stick eyeshadows in these quite neutral colours in 28 Bright Ivory, 21 Passion Fruit and 05 Rosy Brown. (It's a shame only the digits are on the packaging, not the actual name, I had to look it up on the website). I'm already super excited to wear them (again, swatches below). When I swatched them, they felt so creamy and I'm sure they are super long lasting since I couldn't just rub them off. So super duper excited for these! Thanks for everyone recommending them in their blog posts!

I came across the Cream Crush Lasting Colour eyeshadow and when I saw this beautiful shade called 10 Pearly Apricot. It feels like a mousse but swatches so beautifully. (swatches below) Too bad the packaging is just too high to fit in my Muji drawers!

Finally I found this eyeliner very interesting. It looks very similar to my favourite l'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim, but the tip is slightly shorter. The packaging is almost similar as well. Will let you know how I get on with it!

left to right: Eye shadow duo (turquoise & dark brown ; eyeshadow stick in Bright Ivory - Passion Fruit - Rosy Brown ; cream eyeshadow in Pearly Apricot)

What are your favourite Kiko products? Let me know down below!

Lots of love,


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13 reacties

  1. I got two eyeshadow sticks recently too! I got the number 04 and 37, I have only used the 04 so far but I have been loving it!

  2. Dit is de eerste keer dat ik producten van Kiko probeer, wat zijn ze goed voor zo'n relatief lage prijs! Ik ga zeker nog meer proberen ;)

  3. De stick eyeshadow in de kleur Rosy Brown wil ik zelf ook nog heel graag. Ik heb vooral lipsticks en nagellak van Kiko en die zijn echt super! Het is zeker en vast een van mijn favoriete merken.

  4. It's also the first time for me so, I'm really excited ;)

  5. I haven't tried much form KIKO but I really want to try more now!! Great haul x

  6. Ooh well that is fortunate for you, that you still got it that way ;) I really like them so far! x

  7. I absolutely love the Kiko Long Lasting Stick eyeshadows. I actually only have one I got in a swap as Kiko isn't sold here, but it's fantastic!

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  8. I'm dying to try some Kiko products, especially the eyeshadow sticks. I love everything you picked out!

    Kelsey |

  9. Can't you order it online? Where are you from? Too bad 'cause they are really amazing AND affordable products ;) x

  10. Eep I'm so jealous of your haul - I so wish we could get Kiko over here! I particularly want to try the shadow sticks, those are some gorgeous shades!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  11. Kiko has truly amazed me with these products ;) x

  12. Those look so pigmented!! Definitely a brand I would want to use