Massive London High End Haul!


Hey peeps!

I went CRAZY in London this weekend. I finally picked up so much of the things I wanted.

First three thing I want to point out in the picture above are the MUJI drawers, the Diptyque candle and the little make up bag that reads "this bag contains my face". I won't go into detail about them but I just wanted to include them. Especially the MUJI drawers - this means I can finally sort out my make up collection and a post is coming your way this week!

The very first make up shop I went to is the Urban Decay shop at Covent garden. I mainly wanted to swatch the Naked Skin concealer - and I did, but my colour was sold out. I'll have to order it in a few days. I did grab the Naked Basics original and Naked Basics 2 palette. I'm so glad they are finally mine! I also picked up the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray.

Then I went to Liberty and I picked up some Nars goodies. Their latest foundation release has been on my wish list ever since so I finally picked up the All Day Luminous Weightless foundation! I was colour matched to Deauville - which is what I was hoping for, for some reason. I really like the name and I've read a lot of bloggers saying this is their colour. I was holding this bottle and the lady who helped me said "well you have a good eye, you're actually holding the shade I think is perfect for you!" She did a patch test on my face and I was sold.

I've been testing out the foundation for the first time yesterday -as you may have seen on my instagram- and it is slightly to the yellow side, I would have picked out a more rosy toned one if I had experimented myself. I was also wearing a bit of bronzer AND it is summertime which means this one will be slightly too dark when it's winter. First impression: it's alright, but I expected more coverage. Although it's a waterbase formula, it doesn't go on all too smoothly either. It's still the first day and I still have to find what works best with this foundation (and which primer) so I won't give up on it yet. My skin isn't all that great recently, either, so yeah. I'm going to keep testing it and I will report back to you. If you have already tried this foundation, please let me know how you make it work best in the comments below!

I also picked up a Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base - this is my last resort. If this won't tame my oily eyelids, I think nothing will.

Onto Space NK - just because I wanted to go to all the different shops everyone talks about and not just go to Selfridges to pick up everything.

I really wanted to pick up one bronzer and one blush and I just started to swatch them all. I think the Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light suited me the most (it's the lightest of the two) and the Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush looked like a colour I don't own yet. If I really really like these, I might order me a second blush in Diffused Heat as well!

I was a bit disappointed by the packaging, though. I always thought it would be proper metal cases, just like they look. They are, however, so light and the reflective coating is so deceiving - they are just plastic cases. Such a shame because they are so expensive, I thought the packaging would feel a bit sturdier than that. They do look lovely, however!

I have been wearing them while I was testing out my foundation as well, and oh my, these bad boys are pigmented! I used a very fluffy blush brush (the Zoeva Luxe Cheek Cheek brush, made out of goat hair) because I had heard you need a light hand with these ones. They are right! I could never use them with my denser Sephora Pro Angled Blush brush, that would be crazy! The bronzer as well as the blush really does look good on my skin. So glad I bought them!

Lastly I did have to go to Selfridges after all because that seems to be the only place where they sell Charlotte Tilbury.

I have been lusting after the Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette for so long! I also picked up the The Dolce Vita Luxury palette that contains four super buttery pigmented eyeshadows and they are sooo ME.

I love this packaging so much, the mirrors inside of the case have a little star in the top corner, which is so cute. The amount of detail that goes into the packaging is just stunning.

I have not yet dared to touch these because LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE! I don't want to ruin them :( I've not been wearing make up these past few days either, other than the foundation testing so, yeah, I haven't really had the chance to. I might wear the Bronze&Glow to a wedding I'm attending this weekend! (Keep your eyes peeled for an OOTD&FOTD post on Saturday!)

I did pick up one other product that I didn't take a picture of and it's the Rimmel Kate lipstick in 43 (from the new nude range). That's the only product I managed to pick up; I forgot to look at half of it and then I went into 5 Boots stores asking for the Soap&Glory make up range, then forgot to go into the big one acroos from Selfridges so I didn't manage to pick up the Solar Powder. Then again, I think I am alright in the Bronzer section for now.

So yeah, that happened. London can be so overwhelming when you want to do ALL THE THINGS in just three days!

Have you tried any of these or are you lusting after one of these products? Which ones would you like to see me do a review on or use in a make up look? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,


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