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Hey everyone!

So the summer holiday officially started yesterday (at least, for us Belgians). I already went to some festivals last month, but to be honest with you, school was still going on at that point. I just can't miss the festival vibes on those particular festivals and I need to go there. #FOMO.

So, what's next? I'm having a crazy busy summer. Not only do I have to work for school (for the first time in my life, I don't have a school-free summer which I am so thankful for, but it sucks that I have to this year) I also have a lot of fun stuff planned for you.

As you may have seen in yesterday's post, my spending ban is officially over so I am able to buy make up again! (Although I gave in about halfway through but you know what I mean) I'm heading to the drugstore today so I will do a haul in a few days. I'm so excited to grab everything that has been on my list for so long!

What else can you expect on my blog this summer? Prepare for a lot of what-to-pack posts because I'm going to London and Barcelona in July. I'll do a What's in my travel make up bag post, what's in my carry on bag... before I leave. Then when I come back you can expect some snapshots from my trips and of course a lot of hauling! I have a very long list prepared for London and I found out that they have Sephora in Barelona so YAY! Be prepared.

I'm also going to pick up some more MUJI drawers and storage things when I'm in London so more of my make up can fit in there (it's constantly expanding you know) and I will do an updated make up storage + collection post. 

After I buy everything, I will try to review as much of them as I can. So I'm so glad I can show you some new stuff, as I am almost bored with my 'older' make up already, it feels like I can't keep showing you the same things. And of course I like using new stuff as well so maybe that first one was only an excuse...

I will try to do some make up looks once in a while, because you all seem to enjoy them very much when I do them.

Sooo, are you as excited as I am for summer? Let me know what you're up to this summer in the comments below. How are you going to manage your blog meanwhile? Are you going to take a break from blogging, or are you, like me, crazy busy scheduling all your posts in advance to keep up with your normal schedule?

Lots of love and speak to you soon!



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