Snapshots from London & Ed Sheeran at Wembley!


Hey everyone!
How is everyone doing? Having a lovely holiday?

I've been to London this past weekend and explored a bit more of the city. Of course I bought some goodies as well which I will give you a preview of at the end of the post/ There will be a massive haul post tomorrow.

Enjoy the pics!

Right after we arrived with the Eurostar at St. Pancras Station, we checked into our hotel and headed to Shoreditch. I love this place, the people are so relaxed and creative. 

We went to eat at Pizza East, right across from Boxpark. They have amazing pizza!

Some people watching a Tennis match in the sun. One of the few days the sun might be out in London, people are really taking advantage of it!

I just had to take my mom to a shop on Brick Lane called Dark Sugars. I mean, look at those chocolate truffles!


After that we headed to Westminster to walk by the Big Ben - because I can't go to London without saying hello to my friend Ben. Then we walked to Victoria where we grabbed a bite and went to see the Wicked Musical.

I would strongly recommend you go see this musical, it was so magical and wonderful. I was so happy I finally got to see it and sing along with Popular and Defying Gravity.

The main reason I took this trip to London is because my brother and I were going to Ed Sheeran at Wembley on Saturday. Four words:

It. Was. Frickin'. Amazing.

One man show, as always, Ed was able to fill an entire Wembley Stadium (x3) just on his own. He brought some amazing visuals with him, a different one for each song. There were so pretty and made it possible for the people in the back to see what was happening on stage as well.

My panorama pic kind of failed, but look how pretty Wembley is with all the lights. I was blown away by how big it is.

Little Ed and big Ed.

One of the prettiest moments was when he sang Thinking Out Loud. The music video that goes with the song, where he dances with a beautiful woman, was playing (almost) in sync with his live performance of it. The way the video played on the eight different screens was just stunning.

And that was the end of day two. Exhausted, but well satisfied.

The next morning was our last morning before we left.
Of course we had to get some hot chocolate and pancakes for breakfast!

Carnaby is one of my favourite places in London. I love the atmosphere there, the cute coloured buildings and the cosy streets with the most lovely shops.

Of course I whipped out my polaroid camera here and there, although I still did forget to take some on the first day we were in London. I was too busy handling my DSLR and my iPod, I guess!
Of course you can spot a little Liberty bag around my arm ;-)

Last stop of the weekend was Selfridges, because Charlotte Tilbury happened.

A preview of tomorrow's haul:

Hope you enjoyed this photo diary of my weekend in London and I'll speak to you tomorrow for part two: THE HAUL. Du du du duuuuum.

Lots of love,


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