The Balm Autobalm California Driver License: review


Hey peeps!

So some of you may know I was looking for a palette that is compact enough to travel with. When looking for something similar to the Lorac Pocket Pro palettes, I came across a little gem at the The Balm counter.

There were two pocket palettes: the California Driver License and the Hawaii Driver License. I chose the first one, since those colours suited me better and it included a lovely brow shade.

Firstly I want to point out there is something really strange going on. I can't seem to find this product on so I figured it might have been limited edition at some point, however when I bought it at the end of May, I hadn't seen it before in the shops here in Belgium. It is available at for £16.50/€23,27 but for my Belgian readers, it's available at Di for €19 which I thought was not too bad for what you get.

Moving on to the actual review:

This palette is a miracle. You get a lovely matte coral blush shade which you can use for eyeshadow too, a shimmery rosy highlighter for your cheek bones which is also great for inner corner and brow bone highlighting or a lovely all over the lid shade for a soft look, a matte taupey brown colour that's great to use for filling in your brows but again, can be used as an eyeshadow because it's an amazing crease colour as well and lastly there's a glittery dark brown colour that's great for defining the eyes with a liner look or to ad to your outer third of the lid to create a smokey look.

l-r: blush/shadow - highlighter /shadow- brow/crease - lid/liner

As you can see from my description, these four colours are super versatile and cover about half of your make up routine. I think if you're really careful, you can use the brow/crease shade for contouring as well, which means you only need your base products and a mascara on top of this little palette. If that's not travel-friendly, nothing is.

It's the first time trying out eyeshadows from The Balm, and I had heard a lot about the Nude'tude palette so I was really excited when I found this gem. I am not disappointed with the pigmentation, it's amazing!

These colours are right up my alley and I have used them all the time since I got it. I'm going to need to save some up for the actual traveling I bought this for ;)

Packaging wise, the Balm can never really go wrong. The carton quality is a bit annoying though, because I know it will break up quicker than tin or plastic packaging. But the vintage look of the packaging is brilliant as always. As the name suggests: it's as tiny as a driver license card, you can almost fit it in your purse! That makes it a really travel-friendly product and is ideal for trowing in your bag. It also has a decent mirror in it, so that's great for touching up during the day.

I'll be carrying this around a lot this summer. It's tiny but it has everything.

Would you consider buying this one? What other products from The Balm do you really like? (I mean, ither than the cult classic Mary-Lou Manizer? I want to try out a lot more from them, I'm falling in love with the brand a bit more every day!)

Lots of love,


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