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Hey everyone!

So some of you might have already seen my Make Up Tools Collection post almost exactly two months ago. If you have, you will have noticed that I like to own a brush for every purpose of the make up routine. In between that post and the moment you're reading this, I've been to Sephora and picked up three new brushes. I'd love to highlight which brush is my favourite for every purpose today.

Oh, let's ignore that I didn't clean my brushes before taking pictures, shall we?


... foundation:
Since forever I've been using the Sephora 45 Mineral Powder brush. I started using it with the Mac Studio Fix powder foundation and when I started using liquid foundations I just kept using it. I know it really suffers from all the buffing because the hairs are quite soft but for me it's just the right density to buff everything in and spread everything out evenly.

Since buying the Zoeva Rose Gold set, I've not been using anything else! The 142 Concealer Buffer is quite dense so it buffs in the concealer perfectly and it's also small enough to fit into the corners around my nose. 

I have loved the Zoeva 106 Powder brush a lot, it's super soft and picks up just the right amount of powder to not make it go cakey. With powder I really think it matters if you have a good brush or not.

I reckon the Zoeva Powder brush is just s good for this purpose, but I wanted a separate one so I didn't have to clean it all the time. The Real Techniques Powder Brush has been my friend ever since I've been getting into bronzers recently! It's super big and oh so fluffy!

...contour and highlight:
I've finally picked up a decent contour brush from Sephora, the 74 PRO contour. It's small but fits right into the hollows of my cheeks. Because it's not too dense it does blend out the product so it doesn't make harsh lines. For highlight I'm always going for the Real Techniques Setting Brush, just because it's so fluffy and I can place the highlight very precisely.

I love a denser brush for blush, although I have to be very careful with it, it's just so easy to use and I love the quality of the Sephora 49 PRO Angled Blush Brush.

I'm always filling in my brows with a powder eyeshadow so that's why I prefer an angled brush for that. I always go through my brows first with a clear spooley.

The ultimate eyeshadow brush must be the Mac 213. It's great for packing on shadows or pigments and it feels like just the right size for my eyes.

...crease shadow:
To blend out or define the crease I'm always using a fluffier brush and 9/10 it'll be the Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer. I also use this a lot for blending out cream eyeshadows, as you probably can tell.

...inner corner highlight:
Finally we've come to the finishing touch of the eyelook and I mostly apply the inner corner highlight with the Zoeva 231 Luxe Petite Crease. Again, it fits right where it needs to fit and makes it easier not to over-apply or get it everywhere; because of the pointy tip it's more precise than some other eyeshadow brushes.

What are your favourite tools? Let me know down below ;)

Lots of love,


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18 reacties

  1. This is extremely helpful! I only have Real Techniques brushes at the moment, but I would definitely love to branch out. Maybe I should put some on my birthday/Christmas wish lists! x x x

  2. Great Post, it was really helpful x

  3. My collection is pretty much exclusively Real Techniques brushes at the moment but my birthday is coming up in September so I'm thinking of treating myself to the Rose Golden set from Zoeva! Loved the easy breakdown of what brushes you use for each item of makeup, great post Charline :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  4. Hah dat doet mij eraan denken dat ik dringend een nieuwe poeder kwast nodig heb! :D

    love, Turn it inside out

  5. thanks, hope you can get some tips out of it ;)

  6. thank you so much Rebecca! The Zoeva set is life-changing, you will like it so much!

  7. Ah, definitely put the Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury set on your list, that one will change your life!

  8. it does! I saw it on someones youtube once and thought "I need to have that in my life right now" haha, I'm glad you're liking it so much as well!

  9. Ik probeer de beauty blender van Real Techniques vaak te gebruiken maar hij werkt me echt enkel bij bepaalde foundations. Het is niet meteen een favoriet, eerder omdat de foundation met een kwast echt niet mooi zit. De Mac oogschaduw borstels zijn wel allemaal van super goeie kwaliteit hé, ik wou dat ze niet zo duur waren zodat ik ze allemaal kon uitproberen!

  10. they are pretty amazing and so affordable!

  11. I never tried that one, I think it's similar to the one I'm using though ;)

  12. Leuk artikel! Ik ben dol op de Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, de MAC 217 en 239 oogschaduwkwasten en de beautyblender! :-)

  13. So many lovely brushes! I love using the Real Techniques Setting brush to powder under my eyes, it fits perfectly! Xx

  14. Must purchase the RT Setting Brush! Love the RT buffing brush for foundation :)