Calling For Guest Posts! #NoteToSelf


Hey everyone!

September starts in just a few days, which means I'm going to do #NoteToSelf again.
If you are not familiar with the concept, basically it's a series I used to do every Wednesday on my blog before summer started. It's a chance for you - yes, YOU! - to teach all of my readers a life lesson, find a quote that inspires you and talk about why it has been so important in a certain stage of your life.

I decided to take a break from it because it was getting difficult to find guest posters every week, but I really want to start again next week!

What do you have to do?

Send me an e-mail at, 
preferably with a picture (composition/design) you've made yourself, but a picture from the internet is welcome too, just don't forget to send me the source/link where you got it. I'd like for you to write a bit of text with it to explain why it's important to you, what it means to you... This can be as long as you want; a few lines or a whole paragraph, it doesn't matter, it's YOUR post!
Credits to you and your blog will be at the beginning and the end of the post.

Hope you all feel very inspired! If you're interested but still unsure what to do, click the #NoteToSelf tab in the menu on the top of my blog, where you can find all the posts in just one click! You can see there that every post is very different, but you wil get the main idea.

Hope to hear from you all very, very soon! The first post will (hopefully!) go up next Wednesday the 2nd of September!

Lots of love,


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