Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita: review


Hey peeps!

Today I'm going to talk about this beautiful eyeshadow palette!
It's the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita.

Can we all just take a moment and appreciate these stunning colours? They are just my cup of tea, I love warm brown shades. That's mainly why I picked this one up.

Many people raved about the quality of these so I just had to try them in store when I was in Selfridges back in July. They felt so buttery, I can't describe how much I loved the feeling of them. The pigmentation didn't disappoint either, so the decision was quickly made to pick this up and buy it already!

Now when I first used it at home, it didn't go as smooth as in the store, but I think I just need to get through the top layer to get to the buttery-ness. I also think it may be because in-store everyone swatches it with their fingers and the oils of the skin make it feel so rich and creamy almost after a while, could that be possible? I'm not a connoisseur like that but maybe that's why it didn't feel as smooth when I first tried it. Nevertheless the quality and pigmentation is amazing!

So in here we have a gorgeous champagne highlight, perfect for inner corners and browbone, a redish brown that has a very slight sheen to it, great to warm up the crease or to use on the entire eyelid, a very sparkly gold that's gorgeous for night-time looks and a regular brown shade that's not too dark but just right for defining the crease or pop on the lower lashline and it has the same finish than the one above it. For me, the stunner of these is definitely the one on the top right, it's sooo pretty! The highlight shade is also really gorgeous with a hint of sparkle, just enough to make the inner corners pop! The glitterly shade I find a bit too sheer in coverage and the glitter-particles have a bit too much fall out. They really get everywhere underneath my eyes if I'm not careful, which basically makes me a disco ball. Maybe it's just me not being careful enough ;)

You know I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and this is just as gorgeous as everything else from her line. It's the classic burgundy plastic tin, slick but sturdy and with the gold detail in the front. Inside it looks so luxurious with the gold plating and the Charlotte Tilbury engraving. Simple but chique, that's how I like it the most. And of course, a mirror as big as the inside with the signature little star in the corner.

Is it worth your money? I'd say: It's expensive, but definitely worth it!
I've never seen a combination of shades like this before and in my opinion, the only way to get a red-brown shade like this is to either mix in a few other shades or go to Mac and make your own quad, but I think you won't save pennies doing that. You might as well just but this one and get gorgeous packaging along with it!

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes or other products? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,


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