Guest Posting on North East Nerd & Brenda BusyBee


Hey people!

Just wanted to give you a head's up, I'm guest posting on Brenda BusyBee today and I'm also posting three times on Fiona's blog North East Nerd. She's away on vacation and I'm helping her out. So head over to and have a read!

on the 9th of August I shared a few blogging tips.

on the 14th there was a  Drugstore Favourites post!

Finally, in a week from now on the 24th there will be a Life Lesson for everyone.

Today I also shared my Favourite Drugstore Eyeshadows on Brenda's blog.

Yes, I lacked inspiration today so that's why I'm giving a shoutout to both lovely bloggers who gave me the chance to guest post for them. Go and give them a follow!

Lots of love,


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