Make Up Look Inspired By Minnie Mouse!


Hey everyone!

Something I haven't really told you guys is that I am quite obsessed - or at least I used to be - with everything Mickey and Minnie Mouse related. My heart blooms when I'm in Disneyland and I used to buy all the stationary of Mickey Mouse in the world. I even write with a Minnie Mouse pen at home, because I bought it last time I went to Disneyland.

So how could I not do a Minnie Mouse inspired tutorial? I'm working with red and black and white tones with a pop of yellow. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, the look will be focused on the eyes and the lips this time. My base routine is very basic; just foundation, concealer, powder and a bit of bronzer, nothing too fancy really!

On the entire eyelid I'm going straight in with Mac Rustic. This is a burgundy red colour. I chose this one because 1) I don't have any bright red eyeshadows but I don't think that even exists, and even if it does I don't think it would suit anyone and 2) this colour makes the whole look a bit more wearable. This shade was a limited edition from ages ago and it came in the Colour Forms 5 Warm Eyes palette. I took the little red square out for the picture.

I'm pretty sure if you pack on the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate on really thick you get the same colour, more or less. It's hard to find a shade like this and I've been googling it for you peeps but I can't find something that's really similar to this Rustic shade other than the Color Tattoo. Anyways if you happen to find something similar or have it in your collection, let me know in the comments!

So I just take that one all over the lid, pack it on, blend it out in the crease and I don't really do much else to the lid. I want the inner corners to pop and have that bit of white of the polka dit dress Minnie wears. Because I don't want it to be too cartoon-ish, I'm using the Urban Decay Virgin eyeshadow (first one in the Naked palette). It does give a white sheen but it's still wearable. I'm then going in with the Mac Kohl pencil in Fascinating, a matt white eye pencil that I'm going to put on the lower lash line. This us to enhance the colour I'm going to pack on next, which is basically the same process as I did in a festival look at the beginning of this summer. I'm going in with the yellow eyeshadow from Park Avenue in Sunflower. This is to make it extra Minnie, because of the yellow shoes!

I'm going for a black winged liner, but I'm doing (or at least I'm trying to do) a double wing. I really want to recreate her fluttery lashes so that's why I'm doing a double one; this is the easiest with a felt tip liner, I think, and my choice of today is the l'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim. After I curl my lashes I'm give them a good coat of mascara. I'm just using the Better Than Sex one from Too Faced.

To finish off the whole red-yellow-black-white Minnie look I'm using a red lipstick from Essence called 03 Dare To Wear. If you know me at all, you know I'm not good at lipsticks so excuse me if it's not perfect to you!

This is the finished result! It's a bit experimental and different from the other looks I've done but hey, I enjoyed creating it.

What do you think? Would you recreate this?

Lots of love,


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