Make Up Series: #4 Blushes


Hey folks!

The saga continues.
I give you an insight of my history of blushes.
If you haven't seen the previous ones, they're available via these links:


When I was younger and only getting into make up, not having all the blogs to recommend me stuff, I used to pick up random things I saw anywhere. My first blush was the T.Leclerc one (blue packaging), which was in a set with two eyeshadows and a powder. I didn't use it very often because I only had a retractable blush brush that would make me apply it in a very harsh line, you know the look I mean. Then my mom bought a beauty case from Estée Lauders and she was so kind to let me play around with the products inside; I think she never actually used them! This blush quad has one bronzer in there and three blushes. They are actually pretty gorgeous but I don't reach for them a lot anymore. I used to use them sporadically.

The first blush I properly used every day is the Sugarbomb blush from Benefit. I think this is my third or fourth one ever since; I just kept repurchasing it before I really got into make up. It's such a gorgeous shimmery peach that goes with anything! A year or two ago I decided to try more blushes and I bought a Coralista blush, also from Benefit. I think it was only last year when I decided to try the Dandelion one too and as you can see I have shown this one much love in the past!

In between those purchases I also used the Cargo Beach Blush in whatever shade, but that one dropped somewhere along the line and I threw it away. I bought it again at the beginning of this year, but I use it more as a sort of bronzer now so that's why I didn't include it in this post ;)

I picked up a SuperDry blush in Burnt Coral in the sale last year and I'm so glad I did - it was so cheap and it's such a pretty one! It looks like I've barely used it but trust me, when I bought it I used it everyday! Then last spring this beautiful Chanel Jardin De Chanel blush came out - probably the prettiest looking one of them all! When I kept hearing a lot about Mac blushes, I decided to go for Melba, mainly because it's a matte one and I didn't own matte blushes before. So glad I made this purchase!

Then onto some purchases of the last two months or so! I bought the MaxFactor Creme Puff Blush in Alluring Rose - soooo pretty and so unique! I picked up another one in Seductive Pink right after my Spending Ban was over. These are so gorgeous and the quality is amazing! I put them together in one picture with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Seductive Pink because of the marble effect; a lot of people say the MaxFactor ones are dupes for the Hourglass ones, but I wonder which shades would be similar. I think none; both ranges are very unique in my opinion!

The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer, technically a blush, is a product I use mostly for a really soft highlight. I don't use the blush shade in the The Balm Autobalm palette a lot, but it still is very gorgeous. Lastly I own one cream blush that I did a review on very recently, the Bourjois cream blush in 04 Sweet Cherry.

I really need to add some cream blushes to my collection, what do you think? ;-)

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what your favourite blush of all times is!

Lots of love,


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