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Hey everybody!

So today is another installment of my Make Up Series with the Highlighters, following up:

I chose to do this part of my make up now since the whole strobing-trend has been going around in the blogger-sphere for a good few months now. Let's dive into the collection!

I've gotten into highlighters veeeerrrry late. Everyone was probably doing it many years ago, but the first one I picked up was at the beginning of this year (in a haul on my blog in the early stages when I didn't know how to edit photos yet, if you would like to check it out: click here). Anyways, the product everyone was talking about at that time is the The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. I have been obsessed with that one like WOW, this was the first highlighter I owned and I was immediately addicted to it! Because it's a pale champagne colour, I think it suits most skin tones, including mine.

As some of you may know, after a good few months I dropped this one on the floor and it broke in half, after that it just started to crumble up and I hated using it because it would get everywhere on my face and my hands and my clothes. I've neglected this baby too much and recently decided to put in in my top Muji-drawer so I'm reminded every day to use it.

I picked up the Yves Saint-Laurent Touche Eclat just before I started blogging, but never used it as much until right after I bought the Mary-Lou Manizer. I used to use it as a concealer - which for the record if WRONG - and started to use it on top of my concealer as a highlight. It has some coverage, but for my dark circles, it's definitely not enough to use on its own.

This is one of those concealers you put in a triangle-shape underneath your eyes, then blend it out massively and it just brightens the entire area. I've been using it non-stop lately and it's still going strong - it seems to contain so much product that I haven't run out of it yet!

The next one was definitely an impulse-buy from my mom. She saw it in the store and I had been wanting to pick up a Mac Mineralize Skin Finish (or whatever they're called) and instead she dropped her eye on this limited edition baby and told me I could use it as well. Later, she happened to be allergic to the glitter-particles and now I just have it in my collection! I'm talking about the Bobbi Brown High Light Powder in Pink Glow

I think it's kind of similar to the shimmer bricks, but this one can't be used as a blush and some of the shimmer bricks can. Anyways, it gives a gorgeous rose gold sheen to the cheeks and it's so pigmented, you really only need a little bit!

I didn't buy any highlighters for a long time after that, as I felt two powder highlighters with two different colours would really be enough. I can't possibly ever use them up, can I?

But then I started spotting blog posts about cream highlighters. I didn't know a lot of them that are available in my country, but I did know about the Benefit Watt's Up! highlighter stick. I went to swatch it at the counter and immediately fell in love with it. I told myself that yes, I do need another one that's this expensive and just bought it.

Lately I've been using it a lot to go on vacation. I'm always a bit worried of powders breaking in my make up bag when they have to go through a plane ride, a cream stick is way less likely to (I think). It's also great for when you're not wearing a lot of make up, maybe only concealer on some blemishes, and just put this one on your bare skin (of course with moisturizer/primer). It looks great when you're a bit tanner.

Recently I've heard a lot about the Becca Skin Perfector liquid highlighters and since I didn't want to spend that much of money on a product I really wasn't sure would work with my oily skin and I had heard a lot of good about the The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter in the past, I thought I would try that one first.

I tried using it on top of my cheeks, but I really prefer using it mixed in with my primer so it gives my face a "glow-from-within", the popular phrase, without looking oily or too shiny, then I put my foundation and everything else on top. It's great for a dewy-looking make up look!

At the beginning of summer I headed to the drugstore because I just ended my spending ban and was free as a bird! I picked up everything my eye spotted - and apparently, this highlighter was one of those products I thought I really needed that day. It's the Essence Soo Glow! cream-to-powder highlighter in the shade 10 Look On The Bright Side.

I haven't worn this one all too much yet, to be honest, but it's a great one I must say, and so affordable! I really wonder if the rose-toned version of this one would suite me too...

I'm ending my highlight-history with a gorgeous high-end one that's part of the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze&Glow contour kit. This highlight is very subtle on me, but oh so beautiful. It's great for everyday wear because it doesn't have big chucks of glitter in it. It's a finely milled powder that gives you the most healthy glow it can give you. It was quite an investment for me, but I'm so glad I got it.

That's all, folks!
It's not as big of a collection as my blushes, but I still think it's quite a lot for highlighters.
Let me know: what's your all time favourite highlighter?

Lots of love,


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