Nars Luminous Weightless foundation: review


Hey everyone!

So I recently bought the Nars Luminous Weightless foundation while I was in London. I was really intrigued by it and everyone was talking about it so I finally took the plunge! Let's see how I get on with it.

First of all I wanted someone to color match me so I wouldn't buy the wrong color. They matched me to Deauville which is the darkest of the 4 light shades. I think it's still slightly too dark for winter, but anyways. It matches my skin right now.

Packaging wise I adore it. I've always loved the look of Nars products and I think the glass bottle is drop dead gorgeous. It's not travel-friendly, but it looks stunning on top of my muji-drawers!
I love that it has a pump as well; I've heard many people complain about the Sheer Glow not having one and when they put a pump on it, the lid wouldn't fit on it anymore. I get why that can be a pain in the ass so I'm grateful this one just has a pump. One pump is usually enough for the whole face, as the lady at the counter said to me.

I tried multiple application methods for this one. Mainly because a brush didn't work all too great with this foundation. I almost regretted buying it, because I hate make up sponges. But I think it works best with this one, just because it's already quite a tacky mattifying foundation, and the damp sponge gives it a bit of dewiness and helps spreading it out better on my face. With a brush, I can hardly spread it out evenly on my entire face. So that's that sorted.

Do I love the formula? Not really, but I don't hate it either. I mean, it's great and all and the coverage is sheer but buildable to a medium coverage, but during the day it tends to cling to dry patches. It's also not as long-wearing as I hoped it to be.

I think when applied with the make up sponge, it sits on my skin quite well and it works good with powders on top. My bronzer blends in beautifully on top of it and my concealer as well; I never apply it with a damp sponge, but with this one I just tried sticking to the sponge and setting it with a spray, then following up with powder products (bronzer, blush and all that jazz).

Foundation only:

Full face of make up:

I tested it out for the first time a week before I went to Barcelona. A few days after, I started to break out massively. I will keep you updated if this foundation was the cause of it - but I really hope not 'cause it was expensive! - or if it was just something else.

Do I think it's similar to the l'Oréal Infallible 24H matte foundation? Yes and no. I can see why people were saying that because it's similar in finish, quite matte and that one also tends to cling to dry areas during the day, but the application and formulation of the l'Oréal one is completely different. The Nars Luminous Weightless foundation is very liquid while the l'Oréal is something between a liquid and a mousse, almost. I can't explain it really but it's just less runny than the Nars one. It also has more coverage after one layer and I can apply and spread it beautifully with a brush; it feels a lot softer on my skin, while the Nars one feels quite sticky almost right after I apply it.

I'm going to keep using this one to see which is the best way to apply it, but I'm kind of bummed I'm not more excited about it; I was so looking forward to trying this because it sounded like the perfect high end foundation for my skin type, and it's okay but not impressive or WOW. I think there are definitely better foundations, but because it was so damn expensive, I will try to make it work in the best way possible! (My mom also just told me late in the evening while I had been wearing this foundation for a whole day that it still looked pretty, so I guess that's one thumbs up then!)

Let me know if you have tried this one and how you get on with it!

Lots of love,


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