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Hey everyone!

So the lovely Alice Red has tagged me to do the This Or That tag. I was actually supposed to do a video but hey, I chickened out and I'm doing a blog post instead.
(I pinky promise I will do another video on the future, just maybe not one where I talk out loud, yet).

Onto the tag!

High End or Drugstore?
I definitely prefer high end products, because 1) I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and 2) I am obsessed with eyeshadows and I find that drugstore eyeshadows are overall not that great.

Straight or Curly?
I have naturally quite straight hair and when it was longer, I always curled my hair because I liked having curls. Since it's short it's not that easy to curl it anymore, but sometimes I still try.

Summer or Winter?
Summer! Because I hate being cold and I love being warm (but not too warm because I'm not used to that you know). I just love the sun and summer clothing.

Tea or Coffee?
I used to drink more tea than I do now but I got out of the habit and started drinking coffee again (decaf, though!). I think I should start drinking more tea again. Without milk and sugar, that is. Nope, I'm not obsessed enough with Britain to put milk in my tea. You will never have me try that.

Early Morning or Late Night?
I'm NOT a morning person AT ALL so definitely late night (of which I have had a lot in the last few years).

TV or YouTube?
I don't watch a lot of TV anymore, if you don't count watching series online, so I'd say YouTube.

North or South?
So I guess this is more of a British-kind-of-question but I'm going to apply this to the whole of Europe (that's where I live) and I'm going to say:
North for the design and the architecture, south for the nice weather and to go on vacation!

Heels or Flats?
Flats, without hesitation. I am no good at walking in heels and only have a few pair of them. If we could all makke an agreement to never wear heels again to special occasions, that would be great. I hate having to wear heels and being in pain just because everyone else is wearing them and I would feel so small on flats, even on heels I'm smaller than everyone else!

Night Out or Night In?
I mostly have night-ins, but I love to go out once in a while. I'm not the type of person to go out several times a week, but maybe once in every one or two months is more than enough for me.

Save or Spend?
Spend! Oops, I'm so bad at saving my money!

I tag: Marijke from Nymphette, Candice from Beauty Candy Loves and Rebecca from The Two Twenty Somethings! Good luck!

Lots of love,


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