4 products to pretend you still have your summer tan


Hey everyone!

Soooo, if you follow me on instagram (@charlineofficial) you will have seen a picture of me on Saturday where I stated I was wearing 4 different bronzers at once! Clearly I can't say goodbye to summer yet. The four products I was wearing are in this post. Enjoy!

First of all I mixed in the The Body Shop Honey Bronze Face Gel in with my primer. This gives me an all over sun-tanned look. Of course I followed up with foundation so most of it gets covered up. It just shines through enough to be that little more tanned.

Next I warmed up my complexion with the Bourjois Sun Illusion in 71. This is basically the Bronzing Primer, but with another name. I still have no idea why. I applied it to my face on the places I would contour. 

After that, I set everything with my Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow powder in Marinière No.02. I know it's limited edition and I know I keep on blabbing about it but it's just so good and gives me such a natural finish! I apply this in a 3-shape on my face and a bit on my nose and chin as well.

Because I was going out for dinner, I thought it could just use that little bit extra, so I slightly bronzed my cheeks and temples even more with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light. I really only apply this one in the evening because it's quite in your face, but it's such a gorgeous one for that extra radiance and glow on your face.

So yeah, you decide if I went overboard:

What products do you love to use to hold on to your tan a bit longer? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,


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  1. The Chanel one is really worth it, I believe they do a bronzer like this every summer as a limited edition powder. I never really spotted them until this summer and gosh I love it so much!

  2. I'm dying to try the Chanel Les Beiges powders! I really wanted to try the Bourjois Sun Illusion products too but they never seemed to come out in stores where I am - the bronzing primer sounds lovely xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty