Forgotten Gems: Shopping My Stash


Hey everyone!

So, you know when you buy too much make up, old stuff gets pushed to the back and will be forgotten about in the end? These three eyeshadow palettes have been in the back of my drawers for a while now and I thought it was time to dig them up and use them again! (Or at least show them to you guys)

The first one is a palette I bought about 1,5 years ago, before I had my Urban Decay Naked palette. It was one of the first palettes I bought as an actual make up fanatic (after getting into YouTube, then having a Mac store opened at my nearest city). The Mac Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow palette in Brown Luxe was such a stunner! The warm brown colours suit me so well and I've only been neglecting it because the pile of eyeshadow palettes just expands exponentially. I really should use this one more often again, the gold shimmer shades in the middle are so beautiful and buttery.

Next we have a YSL Ombres 5 Lumières palette that doesn't really exist anymore (and I can't find the name of the shade on the packaging either!) but it contains 5 pretty purple shades, some a bit more cooler toned than the others. It's great for a colourful smokey eye, really should be doing that again! Three out of five shades in this palette are silimar to the shades in the 11 Midnight Garden palette they do still sell (picture below).

Lastly I found this little ones from Givenchy called Prisme Again 43 Smoky Shimmer. It was a limited edition from years ago and I bought it mostly because of the pretty looking shade in the left lower corner that looks kind of white now. Below you can see how it was covered with a black overlay and showed white polka dots through it. This is a light grey transition shade, the rest are three quite dark shimmery shades. Lovely though, I used to use it all the time!

What are your forgotten gems? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,


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