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Hey everyone!

I'm so excited to be doing this again every week! Today we kick this off with a post from Saman Shah aka Samileen from a Beauty Detour. Hope you enjoy!

Samileen's own edit

#NoteToSelf: No great genius has ever existed without a hint of madness. - Aristotle

Perhaps it is one of those quotes which inspires you to move against the stream when your spirit is slowly fading away. Being confused like a child, I recently was quite skeptic about my future, the work I'll carry forward and life in general. 

It was then when I stumbled upon this quote by Aristotle which made me think maybe beyond even the meaning of the proposition. I realised that it's fine to not be definite too soon or be perfect at all moments. Our faults in fact are the greatest motivation we can have in life to achieve higher ranks in all spheres. I have an intolerance for monotony, highly mundane activities get me bored too soon and anything serious makes me run away, but now I am hopeful that I'll someday run towards something great. 

As the quote says, we all are mad about something which others cannot connect to and that is what defines us, and slowly that madness turns to passion... That passion becomes our identity and someday, it'll make us great, no matter how different or how small our work is. The appetite to achieve more, the madness makes everything that much more beautiful.




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