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Hey peeps!

Today is a bit of a special one.
I'm welcoming the lovely Jasmine from jasminehardingmakeup.com onto my blog. She gave a little make-up twist to this whole #NoteToSelf thing. Enjoy!

Picture by Jasmine Harding

#NoteToSelf: don't make these beauty mistakes ever again!

Beauty mistakes, we've all been there. Over plucked eye brows, streaky orange bronzer, patchy foundation are some makeup mistakes many of us make when first starting out in the beauty department and I'm here today to share with you my top 3 tips and tricks and a little note on how to avoid beauty mistakes happening again.

THE PERFECT FOUNDATION MATCH - Shopping for foundation is undoubtedly one of the hardest parts of makeup shopping, department store or shop lighting is never natural so sometimes you find yourself arriving home with a foundation that is 2 shades too dark. To avoid this happening, always have your foundation matched and step out into the natural lighting to see if it's a good match. The best place to test foundations is down the side of your face, over the jaw so you get as good a match as possible. From personal experience, the best colour matches have been when I've had it applied by one of the makeup assistants, this give the best results. Say goodbye to orange foundation ladies! 

NEAT BUT NOT OVER PLUCKED BROWS - Once you've found your holy grail brow product, whether it's the powder that creates the natural arch, the gel that keeps them set in place or the pencil that fills in the gaps, us girls love having our brow routine sorted. However, keeping them under control is super duper important and attacking them with the tweezers is something that I do, although not enough right now, these brows are bushy! Here's some top tips on shaping your brows... 
INNER BROW - Place the pencil in front of your face and line it up with the edge of your nose and the inside of your eye, then shape away!
ARCH - Finding the arch of your brow is a vital step, the pencil should line up against your nose and iris and that's your perfect arch. 
END BROW - Place the pencil on the edge of your nose and it should match the edge of your eye! 

ENHANCING BUT NOT OVER LINING - Since the lip liner hype has taken off, were all running to MAC to pick up the nudes, reds, mauves and a matching lipstick to create the perfectly precise lip that plumps up your face and brings your lips to life. Creating the cupids bow cross is the best way to start as you can work from there whether it's from the inside out or the outside in. For a fuller looking pout than start at the edges and draw into the centre, this is the way I've started doing it and the finish is much more natural looking. 

What beauty mistakes did you make? 




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