Sunday Funday Catch Up


Hey people!

Today I just want to do a good old catch up with you, if that's okay. There will be plenty of beauty related posts coming up, but it's Sunday and I really didn't have anything planned for today. So, well, if you want to have a chat with me, keep reading and come and say hi in the comments!

I feel like August went over in the blink of an eye. I had scheduled most of the posts last month in advance, meaning the entire first week of August was dedicated to the blog so I could work for school the second and prep for my jury the third Monday, then go to Pukkelpop festival and pack my suitcase for Italy. Immediately after I came back from holiday I started my internship at an interior design company.

So, yes, everything went a little cray cray. But here I am, still blogging every day, even though I could be doing better on the social media promoting-area. I feel like that gets a bit lost when I'm busy at school and when I'm away.

So what I'm up to these days is going to work, going to school one day a week then taking my time in the weekends for writing and scheduling blog posts, taking photos and work for my project at school. I try to plan out a month in advance, so I never feel pressured to search for a blog post to write. If that's ever the case, chances are I will skip a day. I don't want to HAVE to search for something to write about, just because I made myself a daily blogger. That's why I always take time to fill in my little planner with ideas and plan them out, so when I have free time, I know which photos to take and which posts to write. I wouldn't be able to manage otherwise.

I'm also looking for an internship in the UK. I really hope to go there in March and stay for a couple of months, so I can travel around a bit as well, explore the country and maybe meet some of you (exciting things are being planned, whoop whoop!). Also, I've always wanted to be there during Eurovision. Because y'all are so excited about it.

I have not been buying a lot of make up lately. I picked up so many things in London and Barcelona, my bank account is nearly empty. But, I have a question for you (if you managed to read until this point, congrats!):

Would you be interested in seeing some fashion posts on this blog?

I have no idea if I'm fashionable enough to do this and I certainly don't have the photography skills or nice background to take decent fashion shots, but hey, I feel like the inside of my closet is finally coming together after all these years. It's also a new experience for me to do so.
Let me know if you'd like to see more fashion-related content on this blog! I'd love to know if my readers would be up for it.

I think that's all I have to say for today. Thanks for reaching the end of the post, you are amazing for not clicking away! ;-)

Would love to hear what you have been up to recently!
Talk to you soon.

Lots of love,


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